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Pub Cheese
Pub Cheese Cheddar with Jalapenos Cheese Spread

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Wonderful surprise


I wish I had bought more. I love this pub cheese. We took a road trip to our nearest Trader Joe's which is 2 hours away and we bought this not knowing how good it would be. It is delicious! I spread it on my tortillas for my breakfast burritos. It would be delicious on anything. Just wish I had somewhere closer to purchase it.

Bristol, VA


I was a bad girl, and it was fun!


The other night, as I shopped at Trader Joe's, I felt a little guilty even reaching for ***Pub Cheese Cheddar with Jalapenos Cheese Spread***.  I may have felt guilty but I was a bad girl just the same and lofted the tub of spread into my bright red shopping cart with reckless abandon.  Sanity had returned by the time I got home and it was a while before I actually got around to using this wonderful product.  Now all I can say is that this is one occasion when I didn't regret being a bad girl. ***Pub Cheese Cheddar with Jalapenos Cheese Spread*** is distributed by an outfit I had never heard of before ... Lactalis USA Commercial, Inc.  It is rather like [Kaukauna Cheese Spread][1] except that it has a lighter, more whipped quality and is also vested with juicy hunks of real jalapeno peppers.  To me, this was pleasantly warm and spicy but then I** like** things spicy.  If you prefer milder foods, this may not be for you.  **STATS:** Two tablespoons are considered to be a single serving which contains 70 calories with 60 calories from fat.  There are 7 grams Total Fat, 4.5 Saturated Fat, zero Trans Fat, 25 mg. Cholesterol, 150 mg. Sodium, 1 gram Total Carb, zero Dietary Fiber, 1 gram Sugars, 2 grams Protein, 2% (D.V.) Vitamin A and 6% Calcium.  These stats aren't bad compared to Kaukauna and I enjoyed the spicy taste and lighter more spreadable texture. **TASTE TIP:** ***Pub Cheese Cheddar with Jalapenos Cheese Spread*** probably was meant to be used as a snack topping for crackers.  Spreading the two-tablespoon serving over a thick piece of warm whole grain toast or a hot baked potato amps up the flavor and transforms it into the component of a light but satisfying lunch or supper .          [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Kaukauna-Light-Sharp-Cheddar-review-06357

Oak Park, IL


Pub Cheese Cheddar with Jalapenos Cheese Spread

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