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Pride Mobility
Pride Mobility Quantum 1107 Power Wheelchair

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Sporty, Powerful, and Candy Apple Red


Well, if you absolutely *have* to use an electric wheelchair, you may as well get one that's safe, sporty, powerful, and attractive.  I know that with the high price of durable medical goods and the insurance crunch that many families are faced with, I am very blessed to have such a nice wheelchair to use when I'm out and about. **Pride Mobility** is a leading provider of wheelchair solutions.  After a lengthy in-home consultation with a medical supply professional and my physician, I ultimately selected the **Quantum 1107 Power Wheelchair** because of its design, appearance and capabilities. The chair is easy to adjust and there is plenty of room on the foot platform for my spectacularly long legs to rest comfortably.  You can also adjust the seat position, the angle of the seatback, the width of the armrest, and the seat height. The *"flight controller"* is what you use to operate the chair.  It consists of the joystick which allows you to move in your desired direction; the keypad which contains the on/off switch and controls the speed (from *"tortoise"* to *"hare"*).   There is a handy dandy battery meter on the keypad, which shows you how much power is left in your battery via a series of red, yellow, and green lights.  When the battery indicator begins to get to the red zone, I go ahead and plug it in overnight so it can fully recharge for my next use. Safety features include a safety belt attached for use if you have a notion to do so.   There are optional headlight and hazard light keys and anti-tip wheels as well.  And of course, the horn key is fundamental for signaling unsuspecting people that they may want to get out of the way!  Further, in the event you need to move the chair manually, there are freewheel levers that enable you to disengage the drive motors for the gearboxes to maneuver the chair.  This feature comes in handy when we are transporting the chair up the portable ramp into our vehicle.  Finally, the chair can be completely disassembled for transport, although it is **not at all** **practical** to do so.  We simply fold up the foot platform and fold down the seat back, and we have no trouble loading it into the van.  You really do need a larger vehicle for transporting the wheelchair because even in its compact state, it still is quite heavy and cumbersome. I love my chair, and it has saved me so much energy so that I can do the things I love.  It took a little getting used to the joystick, but in no time, I was able to corner easily and turn on a dime.  I've used it in interior spaces as well as on sidewalks and street crossings.  I like that I can relax comfortably and control it with my right hand.  If I had gotten the scooter, I'd have to lean a bit forward and use both hands to grip this steering wheel.  Since I was lucky enough to have a choice I thought the power wheelchair met my needs better than a power scooter (*though I do wish I had an attached shopping basket!*). At the end of the day, the **Quantum 1107 Power Wheelchair** is a hands-down winner for me.   

Chicagoland, IL


Pride Mobility Quantum 1107 Power Wheelchair

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