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Polk Audio
Polk Audio - SurroundBar360 Theater System

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Polk Audio SurroundBar360 Theater System is okay


We have been using our Polk Audio SurroundBar360 Theater System for a few months now with the television we have set up in our bedroom. The demonstration in the furniture store showed how easy it was to operate this device and made this unit sound very amazing and we simply had to have it since we never spoil ourselves. It didn't take too long for us to see the flaws in this sound bar system. This unit does provide a great, booming sound. However, music and sound effects tend to drown out dialogue. During a gun battle scene in an action movie, we could hear booming loud shots fired, but it masked the movie's dialogue. Same thing happens with music numbers during a film. We are disappointed about this, but not enough to have returned this system. The Polk Audio Surroundbar360 is still a decent theater system and will suffice in the bedroom. I would not recommend this theater system to be used in an entertaining situation, such as a living room, but it is decent enough for a man cave, bedroom or office.

Nampa, ID


Polk Audio - SurroundBar360 Theater System

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