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Kenwood - Audio/Video Control Center VRS-6100

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I would buy it again and again


It is a very good system no problems


Paintsville Ky 41240


This product changes my life Style


its Sound was Perfect that is help me sometimes to relax and other times help me to dance


New York


Outstanding Sound And Effects


I have owned the Kenwood Audio/Video Control Center for four years and the sound is absolutely amazing. It consists of five speakers which are 100 watts each so the system is a total of 500 watts. When you have the speakers arranged properly (two in front, two in back, one in middle) it sounds like you are in the movie, TV show etc. There are also many sound settings like theater or gymnasium so it can sound like you are in the movie theater or in a gymnasium and it even echos. Built in to it there is a receiver and there are several plugs so you can plug DVD players etc. in to it then have one set of cords going to your TV and then you can toggle between TV or DVD from the Kenwood. The volume is measured in decibels so for some reason the higher the volume the lower the number for example -5 decibels would be very loud. There is a subwoofer that when turned up will rattle pictures off the wall and wake up neighbors so be careful with the volume. When you buy the Kenwood it come with: Receiver 2 front speakers 2 back speakers 1 middle speaker 1 subwoofer All necessary cables Owners Manuel Hope my review is helpful! (Please comment)  


North Bend, OR


Kenwood - Audio/Video Control Center VRS-6100

4.7 3