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Polk Audio
Polk Audio Center Channel CS-100 Speaker System

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Great sound without going broke.


This review is more for Polk Audio than the speaker itself. My Polk center channel is about twelve years old. I also have rear speakers from Polk that are also about twelve years old. The reason for the review is I just noticed that I have replaced my TV, home theater receiver, VCR and DVD player in less time then I have owned my Polks. It is something I have taken for granted over the years and it seems like a good time to give them the respect they deserve. I have never had a single problem with any of them, and I like my movies and music loud. They have taken everything I have thrown at them, and keep on performing at a very high quality. The sound is still as clean and clear as ever. If you are in the market for home theater speakers, I would highly recommend Polk Audio. At least give them a look.

Marlton, NJ


Polk Audio Center Channel CS-100 Speaker System

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