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Polk Audio
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Polk Audio PSW110 Subwoofer Speaker

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Polk Audio - PSW110 Subwoofer Speaker


The Polk Audio - PSW110 Subwoofer Speaker's are a top of the line new device on the market. I can't simply describe these speakers, but they are anything but bad. They are awesome! With a smooth mellow sound to awesome pounding bass it doesen't matter what you could be listenin to in the house it is going to be great. The speakers also come with subwoofers making an even louder sounding bass, which will surely alert your neighbors to your prescence. Along with all of these perks there is one more huge one, the price, this is simply amazing as it couldn't get any easier to buy online or at a retail store. The price is low and affordable for anyone. The cons to this device are that is pounds your neighbors eardrums when they're two houses down, making it incredibly hard to play music through them at a resonable level at night. Yet beyond these are a great device that is truly worth the money if you wanted to buy it.


Dallas, TX


Awesome Sound


My original Sub went out on me while I was watching a blu-ray movie so I started to look for a replacement soon after. As I was doing some online shopping, I came across the Polk Audio PSW110. I was able to find it at what I figured to be a resonable price. After reading countless reviews I decided to go ahead and order it. I was a little worried about buying a subwoofer online because of shipping, but when I received it it was perfectly protected by its manufacturer box. Once I set it up, I decided to watch Saving Private Ryan on blu-ray. Wow I was amazed by the sound. I knew this movie had awesome sound, but this sub really brought it to life. I also played a few PS3 games like Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. They all sound great. You really hear and feel the bass coming out of this sub. It makes everything a much better experience. If you are looking for a new sub to replace your old one or building a new home theather system on a budget, the PSW110 is an excellent choice.


West Covina, CA


Very Loud


The Polk Audio - PSW110 Subwoofer Speaker is a very loud speaker, very good for anyone enjoying loud music or great sound. The sound is so clear you will not even want to go back to your old speakers. The sound is smooth, and the punding is great. The cost can be up there, meaning very high, but I have to say, it is your moneys worth if your looking for great speakers. If you live too close to other neighbors, it may bother them if you have these speakers too loud, so its better to limit yourself a little. The cost is a lot, that is one thing and availability is best through the internet. Shipping will cost differently depending on the location that you live in. This is a very excellent gift for birthdays, friends or other relatives you may have that enjoy very loud music. If you will not use these for liud music, you practically don't need these. Make the most of them if you decide to buy, it is so worth it.


River Grove, IL


Polk PSW110 Subwoofer Speaker


*Pros:* - Excellent Sound Quality: Bass in both music and movies is very punchy with has a nice satisfying thump that you can feel without being muddy or hollow sounding.- Construction is High Quality *Cons:* - All of the following are VERY nit picky. But I am trying to balance how truly awesome for the price that this subwoofer is.- When the unit's Power is set to "Auto" (this setting puts the unit into a Standby Mode when no audio signal is detected), if you are listening to your system at a very low volume the unit may not come out of Standby Mode. If the volume is slightly higher, the unit may even turn off and on every minute or so. However, this can be easily rectified by just switching the unit's power to the full "On" position.- If you find that the bass seems a bit "anemic", try flipping the Phase switch to the other position. (the default is "0")- Keep your cats away from the small easily flipped switches on the back of the unit. *Other Thoughts:* I tested this unit at a volume which I consider to be a very, very loud demonstration level (i.e. - beyond that which would be called "considerate to your neighbors" and which is also slightly above "too loud for comfortable listening"). I am using the Line Level (red R/LFE IN) Input from the LFE (Low Frequency Effects) Output of a Harman Kardon A/V Receiver. As such, I haven't needed to use any of the other adjustment controls on the rear of the unit; using the calibration features of my receiver instead. (Thus I can't comment on the use of those connections) When set up in this fashion in an good sized apartment living room (12' X 17') along with Polk Audio TSi 300 Left & Right, CS20 Center and (4) Monitor30 Surround speakers in a 7.1 configuration.  


Chicago, IL


Polk Audio PSW110 Subwoofer Speaker

5.0 4