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Bose - Lifestyle Speaker

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I am in love with this bose speaker system! My husband had wanted it forever and truthfully I though it was a bit silly to spend so much on speakers, but I finally bought them for his birthday, little did I know I would be the one like a kid in a candy shop when I listened to how clear and amazingly crisp the sound was coming from them. They make your favorite music even better.  They are small but the sound that they emit is huge!  I love that they don't take up a whole lot of space and that they are descrete.  The also were very easy to set up and that is important to me because I hate wasting time trying to figure out where certain cords go ot how to figure out how to turn it on.  I was very impressed with the warranty which is important to have when spending a good amount of money on a product.  I recommended this product to my parents and they also love it very much.  It is wonderful for entertaining!

Corvallis, OR


Feels like I'm in the studio watching live, AMAZING !!!!


I LOVE THSE SPEAKERS !!! I have always been very picky about sound quality. I have hearing that picks up on the slightest distortion. These have absolutly no distortion,sounds like your in the same room with the singer, movie ect. You will also be amazed when you hear your cd's, music and movies for the first time all over again !

Troutdale, OR


I wanted the best so I got a Bose!


We were in the market for a wireless speaker that we could use in any room. This one goes from the second floor front to the breakfast room at the back of the house. With a little tweeking I think we can use it on the back porch. We love it!

Philadelphia, PA


Bose Lifestyle20 surround sound system has a clear sound.


We have had our Bose Lifesyle20 for about two years.  We bought the system when we moved into our new home.  Bose speakers have a clear sound to them.  You can hear things that you have never heard in your favorite movie before.  The only problem we had with it was the lights on the receiver did not work and we thought that it was something we had done.  Then one day the sound stopped and we had to call Bose.  They got it working and we told them that our lights never worked, so they sent us a new one.  Well when you buy a Bose we also are paying for the customer service.  If your system is under warranty and you send it in, when they send it back the warranty starts all over again.  The system is awesome and you get good customer service, what more could you ask for.

New Bern, NC


Bose - Lifestyle Speaker

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