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Pioneer TS-G1641R 6.5-Inch Two-way Speakers

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Sound is pure


A pure headphone in the sound suitable in the front doors of the car with a complete audio system get the ideal performance also suitable with radio agency and be an average performance


Mido qna egypt


Great Sound, Low Price


I just installed a pair of these in a 04 Altima. They increased the sound quality 10 fold. It sounds like a surround sound now. I highly recommend these speakers if you want nice crisp highs without paying outrageous prices.


Smyrna, TN


The Pioneer TS-G1641R 6.5-Inch Two-way Speakers Rock!


I have a jeep cherokee, i bought these speakers for my rear, and wow they kick butt! the bass response is awesome and mids and highs are very well balanced. incredible sound for the price! pioneers are and always will be my favorite audio brand, i highly recommend these if you wanna crank it up loud!!!


Horseheads, NY


As good as other brands ive owned


i love these speakers alot for my car. i got them for a present for my self because i wanted something nice for myself to have. i think that these speakers are just as good as speakers that cost twice as much. I can not believe i spent so much money on my other speakers that i bought before because i am getting the same quality with the Pioneer speakers that i have now. i like to use the speakers when i am driving on the highway with the windows up. they were on sale when i got them and i was on a budget at that time as well so that further influenced my decision to get them. i admit that because of the cheaper price i was doubtful about the quality but boy was i wrong. i will definately buy the Pioneer brand again because of the   great price   and the awesome sound quality of the speakers. they look great in my car but they don t stand out in a bad way that is negative. these are good two ways.


Oakdale, CT


Just Great Speakers legendary.


I do like Pioneer speakers,but then again I don't know who wouldn't . My name is Kelly and I like them because they don't burst easy and you diffenitely get your money worth. The bass sounds nice the treble fits in well everything is so well balanced and although i said it was pricie.Pioneers still don't cost as much as sum high brands like Kenwood. But  still manage to output  the same amount of performance if not better when your blasting your music or just tring to relax. If I had to guess I i would diffenitly say Pioneer would be competitive with just about everybody out there. So they have been around for a very long time so there a well known name and thats hard to beat. Also I'm always shocked when I hear the power from just those Two Way speakers it always sound louder than it really looks which is always a good thing, This way you know your getting what you payed for. My two speaker rocks my lil room and I love it except when I leave them turned up by accident.


Aurora, IL


Pioneer TS-G1641R 6.5-Inch Two-way Speakers

4.8 5