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JL Audio
JL Audio - 10W6v2 Car Subwoofer

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Great sound and feel!


JL Audio makes very good equipment and this was no exception! It was a very good investment and I really enjoyed the feel and sound of them. I also found it very easy to wire them to my car. These have sustained use for the last 5 years and they have not degraded in quality at all.



W6 - Excellent Sound Quality and Output


The JL W6 is arguably the best sounding JL Audio subwoofer. Although the W7 is their flagship model, it is geared more towards SPL than SQ. The W6, on the other hand, is geared towards SQ and SPL second. As far as SQ goes, the W6 is right up there next to the Image Dynamics IDQ and IDMAX, SSA ICON, and Hertz HX series; it is THAT good! The W6 can be used in both ported and sealed designs, but I myself prefer it in a sealed. I listen to a variety of music ranging from electronic to hiphop to reggae to rock, and this subwoofer sounds equally as impressive through all genres of music. The only gripe I have towards the W6 is the price, but JL is just one of those companies along with Focal that is very expensive. Some people can argue that they are overpriced, but when you consider the caliber of subwoofer that you are getting, I would pay it all again; it is definitely worth every cent. The 10 W6 doesn't get as deep as the 12 W6, but I find it slightly tighter with quicker transient response, and gives me all the output that I could ever need. All in all, it is tough to do better than the JL W6.

Fresno, CA


Fantastic and loud subwoofer!


This subwoofer hits nicely! I was amazed at how a 10inch subwoofer could hit so hard. I am running a 500 Watt JL Slash amplifier to it and barely have the gain controls up and I can basically rock the whole neighborhood. It's a perfect size if you have a smaller car that wants to add some good sounding bass but do not want to break windows and windshields, this is perfect for the job. The bass hits clean and deep. Just make sure you get a good box for it. Rule of thumb is, if you have a hatchback type trunk, get a sealed box since the sound can "bounce" off of the glass. But if you have a regular sealed trunk, you should get a ported box so sound can bounce off the panels inside the box. For the money and simple setup this is probably the best 10 inch on the market that you can buy. Trust me.. I have owned and tested many subwoofers for over 10 years now and this just kills Kicker Solobaric L7, Rockford Fosgates, The Alpine Series, and others. I would highly recommend this subwoofer.

Los Angeles, CA


JL Audio - 10W6v2 Car Subwoofer

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