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Philosophy Big Mouth Semi Matte Lip Primer

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I wanted to get plumped but I got dumped. :(


***Quick View: ***Philosophy fails again in the cosmetic realm. I love their skin care but they can't seem to get the make up gig down at all! ***Philosophy Think Big, Big Mouth Lip Primer Fails to Impress***The primer is pretty innocuous. It is simple stick of stuff that you apply like a chapstick. It doesn't shine my lips. It coats them though and I can see it slightly on them. The primer does seem to seal my lips so that color doesn't feather or cross the barrier between my lips and skin. After a few moments, I can feel a slight tingling and warming sensation. My lips look a bit fleshed out and smoother but I don't see any plumping. There are only two or three lip plumpers that I actually believe plump my lips a bit and this is not one of them. However, as a primer, this isn't bad. I apply lip gloss or color and the primer does seem to hold onto the color and keep it in place. I have noticed no change in color or interference with my lip colors when I wear **Philosophy Think Big, Big Mouth Lip Primer**. Then it is just run of the mill lip primer. Nothing about this product stands out as great or better than cheaper primers and certainly nothing stands out as superior where plumping is concerned. Sigh. When will I learn that Philosophy just doesn't have the make up thing down even though they do great skin care? ***My Viewpoint *Philosophy Think Big, Big Mouth Lip Primer** is an average lip primer that smoothes the lips and seals them so that color can cling better. It is somewhat hydrating but not at all shiny or glossy. As far as plumping my lips goes, nahhh. I don't see any evidence that there is any plumping at all going on. In fact, I don't even see any ingredients that would cause plumping, not that I am an expert on this stuff. If you want a decent lip primer, this one is as good as others but the price is killer. If you want a lip plumper, unless I am just a very stubborn case, you will be disappointed in this product. Nothing at all happens to my lips when I use it as far as any sort of plumping. I am quite disappointed in this product. I was really hoping Philosophy could get it right. They didn't. ***I give this product 2 stars***. If it says it will plump your lips, it should at least TRY. This one seems like it doesn't even try. It's a lip primer and nothing more. And just an average one at that!

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Philosophy Big Mouth Semi Matte Lip Primer

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