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Petmate Small Vari Kennel

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Petmate Small Kennel a great way to travel safely with you pet


I remember growing up never needing a kennel/carrier when taking the cats to the Veterinarian, we would just hold them in our laps. As an adult now I realize just how dangerous that is but back then our cats never gave us any trouble. The first carrier I bought was one of the black canvas types with the mesh sides and that worked OK until a pregnant stray cat 'adopted' us. The first time she was in that carrier she tore a hole thru the mesh. So I went looking for a better carrier for her and I came across a lot of flimsy cheap carriers that you could tell just by looking at them that they weren't strong enough to hold an animal. I found the Petmate Carriers at PetsMart and they had several different sizes from really tiny to huge. I ended up with the second smallest size, the one I bought has the clasps on the sides not the screw type sides. These carriers are extremely durable and even have a indentation on the top for the seat belt to go thru for added safety. The clasps hold very tightly and the handle feels secure so I'm comfortable with holding it by the handle and not worrying that the whole thing will fall apart. I've been very pleased with my purchase that I've bought two more, they are pretty affordable too. Not to mention that if you got to the Petmate web site you can buy replacement parts, anything from the doors to the screws that hold some of the carriers together, from any model of carriers/kennels they've made and its very reasonably price. All and all I will never buy any other type of pet carriers again.

Erie, PA


Petmate Small Vari Kennel

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