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ASPCA Collection Pet Home Training Kennel (Intermediate)

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I thought this would be perfect for my dog which happens to be a pit. Everyone talked about how he would never be able to bust out of it, and it was indistructable. Well my dog not only got out of it, but completely destroyed it in the process. It might be okay for little dogs, but I wouldn't recommend it for a big dog.



ASPCA Kennel, A safe and sturdy way to house or train you Pet.


I have owned my Kennel for 3 years. We (my 2 chihuahuas and myself) have gotten plenty of use out of it. It was originally bought for house training and has been used for traveling. It made a great place for the dogs when moving out of state. This kennel has plenty of room and my dogs love it. A great accessory to kennel was a water bottle and feed dish that easily attaches to the wires of the kennel. Works great to keep the pets in while you are away from your home for hours. Loved coming home and not having to clean up after my puppies have made a mess. Just clean the kennel easily with water. It is easy to keep clean with a removable bottom. These kennels are sturdy and i would recommend to any pet owner from small dogs to larger breeds, my son used mine for his pit bull. They come in different sizes to fit the needs of any pet owner. So if you love your pet and are in need of a kennel choose this ASPCA Kennel and make your pet a happy pet.



Training kennel assembles and tears down easily for travel!


Purchased intermediate size kennel for my MinPin about 6 months ago. Is great for our dog. It is portable, easily tears down and reassembles for travel on road and/or storage. However, the black floor pan has cracked and I cannot find replacement part.

Meridianville, AL


ASPCA pet training kennel is a great kennel for everyday use


Me and my husband purchased this kennel in the 42" size (extra large) several months ago for our Boxer since she was getting too big for the previous kennel that we had her in.  Saw this at Wal-Mart and decided it was worth a try.  It is an exellent purchase!  I read the reviews through Wal-Mart and I saw almost nothing good about the kennel, but I haven't had one real complaint yet!  It took all but 5 minutes to get set up, although it took a few days for the dog to get used to it.  Once she got used to it, she will be more than happy to go inside it and everything.  It is mainly used for house training your dog, which I must say is a great way to do it too!  It has a removable plastic tray at the bottom of the kennel that is great for quick clean ups.  It is also comfortable for the dog during everyday use because there is no wire between the dog and the tray.  The only thing that I must say that is a little hard for me to love this kennel, is with the dogs long claws against the plastic tray, it is hard to tolerate that noise...especially at night.  One suggestion for this, get a mat or bed or something for the dog if you are going to keep them in it at night or when you are away.  This is an exellent kennel for several uses!  Love it! 

Ahoskie, NC


ASPCA Collection Pet Home Training Kennel (Intermediate)

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