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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Dry Wax 1.8 oz

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i too am sick of hair products that dont tame my frizzy curls


I have curly hair some days and straight hair on other days.  I am always in need of good hair products because i need to look good at work for my line of business.  Unfortunatly, it is very hard to find products that can tame my unruly birds nest.  I wash with baby shampoo and condition with olive oil and i love this dry wax.  sometimes if you put too much it can flake, but otherwise it is a great product.  i wish they came out with colored kinds to make temporary highlights in your hair!!!!!!!!!


Sturbridge, MA


for all yous guys who really want a feux-hawk


There are too many waxes out there that say they hold your hair in place, but **Paul Mitchell Dry Wax **is one that delivers!   Quit trying everything under the sun. just get some **Paul Mitchell Dry Wax** and worry no more! And, you'll have pleasant-smelling hair also, if that's important to you. Best of all, it washes out clean! I've tried EVERYTHING and there are so many that almost need paint thinner to be removed. With one shampoo, **Paul Mitchell Dry Wax** is gone.   So, it you want a product that actually performs the way it should, just purchase some **Paul Mitchell Dry Wax **and worry about something that actually makes sense.... like keeping your job or that woman that works at JC Penny!    


Overton, TX


nice soft hold


this product has really done good for myhair. i basically had cut my bangs exttremely short and i could not keep them down without looking disgusting. and i couldnt get themm to stay up because they were so short! so i used this product to keep my bangs back and they really did the trick. it doesnt give you the wet hard look ofgel but it gives you the nice hold that you want. it really did keep them down. sometimes there were flyaways which got really annoyying. i think the wind had affected the usage of thisproduct because it seemed thqat whenver there was wind the product would slide out of my hai or something. sorry about all these spelling and fauls in this review its because i havent slept in about fourty eight hours! haha. well anyways this product i would give a three point five just because it wouldnt exactly have that all day hold but it would give soething decent. its not bad. it can tame the flyaways pretty nicely at least. thanks.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Paul Mitchell Dry Wax 1.8 oz

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