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Paradigm Subwoofer Speaker

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A lot of punch for the money


While I am not claiming this is the best subwoofer out there it does what I was looking for in my soundroom. I reaserched speakers for a couple of weeks before settling on Paradigm. Before I bought these I had never heard of them. I had always bought my speakers from the box stores and they seem to carry speakers that are put togeather on the fast assembly line. Whilr those are ok I did not konow there was another level of speakers out there. This sub give a lot of punch for the money and it very controlable. Whle I have to turn it down because it is just to loud. I have other subs that this does much better than and it is smaller. The one thing I wish they did was make it easier to get to the volume control instead of putting it back around the back at the bottom. It is easy to hook up and I use it with a sub out on my receiver. It does need to be pluged into a 110v outlet to work. A nice product with great sound

Tustin, MI


Paradigm Subwoofer Speaker

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