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Pantene Pro-V Texturize! Defining Pomade, Texture & Shine

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Holds the perfect shape


I really like this product.  A lot of pomades or pastes for the hair leave it greasy looking or ruin the shape.  This product helps to add volume and really keeps the right shape.  Lasts all day too.

Traer, IA


Good for flyaways and piecing


I have long hair cut into subtle layers and need something that will tame flyaways and add shine to my hair and texture to my layers.  This pomade does a good job at that.  A little bit of it goes a long way.  I get just a little bit on my fingers, and rub my fingertips together until the pomade is no longer visible (although I can still fell it on my fingertips, of course) and then start at the ends I want to add piecing and texturizing to and work through the ends, getting more pomade as needed until it is the result I want.  Then I use just the remnant of the product that is still on my fingers to rub onto the rest of my hair to add shine.  And if I have any flyaways, I get a little bit more to tame them down.  You do need to be very careful not to get very much of this in your hair in order to not leave it looking greasy.  And because I only use a little bit at a time, I have found that this container, though small, lasts a long time.

Logan, UT


Another hair styling product falls in the 'Average Abyss'.


***Quick View:*** This didn't do much for my hair. I have very long hair and I think this product is better for shorter styles.***About Pantene Pantene Pro-V Texturize! Defining Pomade, Texture & Shine***This pomade comes in a deceptively large container. The actual amount of product is one ounce. This is a thick white substance that is to be used on dry hair to make it shiny, give the hair texture, and make it look "piecey".I bought this pomade because my hair is suddenly weird. *Weirder*, I should say. I guess the highlighting and other chemicals I have been using on it have really dried it out and I have zero shine and zero manageability. Because my hair is now well below the middle of my back (but not for long!), I need to DO something with it otherwise it just sits there looking like frizzy hippy's hairstyle. The pomade is thick and melts quickly when I rub it between my palms. I then apply it to my hair, sometimes just to certain pieces and sometimes all over, and then I scrunch my hair a bit. The result is less frizzies and more healthy looking hair. But no texture. I don't actually see much going on with my hair after using the product except that it tames flyaways and frizzies. If I use too much, my whole head is greasy and I have to rewash my hair.This pomade seems to be better for short styles. In fact, MOST pomades like this seem to be best for short styles. With the sheer weight of my long hair working against it, it just can't do what I want. This isn't horrible - no flakes and no stiffness - but it is only good in a small amount to tame my hair and add a bit of shine. As a texturizer, nada, zip, zilch. Nothing.***My Viewpoint*****Pantene Pantene Pro-V Texturize! Defining Pomade, Texture & Shine** is inexpensive and seems to try hard to do its job. But, for my heavy, long hair, it can't manage. It gives me some shine and does make my hair less damaged looking but that's about it. It's really very average. I think those with shorter hair may get more from it. ***I give it 3 stars***. This is a fish in a sea of very average texturizers. Try it if you have short, layered hair but not if you have longer hair.*** Another average texturizer that costs wayyyy too much: **[Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste][1] *** [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Jonathan-Dirt-Texturizing-Paste-review-f9a0

The heart of , NY


Pantene Pro-V Texturize! Defining Pomade, Texture & Shine

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