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Panasonic - Widescreen Projection Television

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Great set! Beautiful picture!


We purchase this tv a while back just when lcds were coming in. I kept wishing I would have bought a thin tv because we moved into a house with a fireplace and wanted to mount it. It's been years now and I still don't have my lcd over the fireplace. All our newer tvs have went out. 2 lcds in the bedrooms. This big old thing still has a perfect picture and new as ever theatre sound. Everyone loves it! I have adapted.

Grand Bay, AL


the panasonic widescreen projection tv is not good at all.


***we bought it thinking it had a clear picture but when it got to our home, it was blurry and they told us it was just hd ready, not hd built-in.  now the convergence is messed up on it, truly a big disappointment.  will not buy a panasonic brand anymore.***

Helena, AL


Good for a few years


I had a Panasonic projection TV for about five years. The picture was pretty good but of course LCD and plasma is much better. We did get a lot of user out it but it recently went out. From what I have read online this is a common problem with these TVs. The picture became distorted and there were duplicate images in different colors. One other thing that bothered us is that you could not see tickers on the bottom of the screen no matter what setting it was on.

Manhattan, KS


Panasonic - Widescreen Projection Television

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