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Duracell CopperTop Batteries

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Worth the Money


After replacing so-called more affordable batteries all the time, I finally switched to Duracell Coppertop and am extremely satisfied. I don't have to replace them nearly as much!

Binghamton, NY


Brand of choice


this is the battery of choice for my household. have tried other brands in a pinch when on sale and they ended up not lasting as long or even worse LEAKED. Always keep spares on hand and buy in bulk when a good sale is seen. In timed LED flicker candles the AA last almost a full NINE months. never got that kind of life out of any other.



Not your father's Coppertop! (AA & AAA)


I'm 70 years old and have been involved with electronics, computers, and amateur radio equipment for most of them. I was always a STRONG advocate for "Mallory" Coppertop batteries. I have found equipment that had been in storage or forgotten for over 10 years in a hot garage attic. The batteries may be dead, but they never leaked. Ever since Proctor and Gamble bought Duracell I have seen the quality go downhill. Not only do they not last as long they leak after only a few months of non-use in equipment. I had a set of Nintendo "We" controllers that I had put new Duracells in and had used very little. We did not use the system for about 3-6 months. The controllers were kept in an entertainment cabinet in the house at normal room temperatures. After less than 6 months the grandchildren were over and I got out the system for them to play on. None of the wireless controllers would work. All the Duracells were dead and had leaked crud all inside the controllers. This is just the most recent case of equipment nearly ruined by leaking Duracells that were not even run down. I will discontinue buying Duracells and try to find some other brand. The newer Red Duracells are a joke. So far, I haven't seen any of them leak, because they do not last long enough in anything I try to use them in. I'm evaluating Eveready LIthium batteries now. Much more expensive but maybe they will last longer and not ruin my electronics.

Tulsa, OK


Never Trust Another Battery


Out of all of the batteries that are made and manufactured in the United States, I do not trust or use anything but Duracell batteries. They are the only battery I have ever been able to use for months at time with extremely draining electronics. Such as a wii remote or a walkman. All other batteries die within the hour except for one other brand which still doesn't hold a candle to Duracell. Duracell's come in different varieties for whatever you need them for and different types as well. I don't use rechargeable batteries because these batteries last so long. Yes, they are a little more expensive but if you think about it in long-run terms, it is quite cost effective. You should always keep a reliable battery brand such as this in your home in case of any type of emergency, there is no other brand that you could trustfully depend on. Especially when you have children with toys



Duracell CopperTop dependable brand


I have seen many of durcacell's battery commercials and used duracell copptertop batteries for quite a long time. DuracelI and energizer are the top two brands for your battery needs. It's a brand you reconginze as you were a child if you ever used any toys that required batteries. I have used it on remote control cars, toy guns, remote control for your tv, gameboys, everything you can think of that needs batteries. They have lasted a good while and i have never been dissapointed with them. I have never had them explode even when using it with diffrent brands of batteries. I believe they have leaked before for some kind of reason. Nowadays i will start using rechargeable version to save the environment though.

Jackson, MS


Duracell are quite the sell indeed.


Duracell may be a bit more expensive than other brands, except for maybe Energizer, but it usually more than makes up for it in battery life. I use these batteries in anything that I plan on using for long periods of time without the need for or luxury of replacing batteries very often. I tend to forget about many things around the house that require batteries until I pick something up and it doesn't work anymore. So I guess I'm in the "leave them alone and hope they work for as long as possible" category. Testing battery life in some severely draining electronics like digital cameras and high powered flashlights, I found that Duracells typically lasted much longer than medium power bargain brands like Rayovac. Energizer is comparable to Duracell in power, but are often harder to find and more expensive in my local stores. Even in less draning objects like my universal remote a significant difference is noticed. A couple of Rayovacs went bad in three weeks, whereas the Duracells that came with my remote lasted for over three months. All in all, an excellent battery well worth the small extra price. I would advise against buying them for Christmas presents in bulk, like toys and the such. though. Just buy a big pack of Rayovacs and pass them out, then let all the relatives go buy their own duracells when the Rayovacs go dead in a few weeks.

Atkins, VA


Durable and reliable


My family and I usually buy recharegable batteries for our everyday use. Mainly,  we use it on the toys and everyday basic tool such as the remote controls. However, we know that not all devices recommended rechargeable batteries since it discharge charge faster. For emergency reasons, I keep some spare alkaline batteries mainly AA, AAA, and 9V. I normally have the alkaline batteries for the Kiddies talking alarm smoke/carbon dioxide detector, at least one main wall clock, one alarm clock, radio, and some expensive devise such as the LED flashlight and the programmable thermometer. I feel more secured placing the alkaline batteries in these devices because they are more reliable and last longer. Occasionally, I do encounter battery leakages on my wall clocks if I forgot to remove these alkaline batteries after it no longer has any charge. So be careful on yours. I threw at least three wall clocks! I am not so sure if Duracell lasts longer than the other top brands such as the Energizer, Eveready, Panasonic, or Sony. I interchange brands (depends on promotions). Overall, it looks like I mainly have Duracell and Energizer as my favorites. Duracell being my number one choice for Alkaline batteries.

Wichita, KS


Duracell coppertop Batteries Are Great


I have used so many kinds of batteries,just to have them die off in less than two hours. Duracell is a very good battery,even when my chargeable batteries give out after their charged all night long duracell batteries seem to last longer, specially when your chargeable one's won't hold charge, I think maybe they get to old. They should last a lot longer because they are chargeable but it seems they get old fast. Duracell keeps my camera working longer and if I take them out after use of my camera for the day they work well the next day I use my camera. They are a little more expensive than most batteries but it is worth the price if they work well and last longer. I do say to you buy some and keep them in a drawer so they will be there when the lights go out during a summer storm. They are  dependable and they last awhile so it is worth the buy and the time going to get them. All store's I'm sure carry them and you will be secure knowing when you turn on the flashlight it will work.

Bucyrus, OH


If my life depended on Duracell, that would be okay with me!


I don't know about you, but sometimes I take things like batteries for granted.  Like electric bulbs, I appreciate what they do for me but don't really think about them much until suddenly they don't work anymore and I have to change them ... and that's precisely why I love ***Duracell CopperTop Batteries*** in assorted sizes and types -- because I don't have to think about them much!  For most battery-supported appliances, accessories and wall clocks, etc., Duracell really delivers -- sometimes for months at a time.  Although I make it a point to change batteries in clocks twice a year, they usually don't need a new battery even then.  If you are an online shopper like me, there is a positive wealth of online sites to purchase ***Duracell Batteries*** from but the best may be one I just discovered ... ***DuracellDirect.com*** which appears to be the official Duracell website and seems to be the go-to place for the purchase of all things Duracell, especially various kinds and sizes of batteries including:  Lithium Photo Batteries, Rechargeable NiMH Batteries, Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, CopperTop Batteries and also batteries specifically made for different brands and models of Laptops, Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Cellular Phones, Cordless Phones and Hearing Aids.  Here is where you can also find Battery Chargers and Charger/Battery Value Packs. At ***DuracellDirect.com***, shipping is free and there are also a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and One Year Warranty for some items.  There are also occasional sales, discounts and promotions in play. **MY VIEWPOINT:** I have trusted ***Duracell Batteries*** for years and so was a bit non-plussed to recently discover that they are now made in China and Europe.  Really, I should switch over to EverReady Batteries which are made here in the U.S.A.  I love my country and normally I try to buy stuff which is made in America but in this case, I think I am going to stick with Duracell.  They have worked best for me and I trust them.  If my life depended on one machine and that machine had to depend on one battery, and that battery was a Duracell ... **that would be fine with me.**  

Oak Park, IL


Duracell CopperTop Batteries

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