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Pacific Pharma
Pacific Pharma Pet Eye Drops

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Pacific Pharma Helps My Cat's Runny Eyes Safely


I almost lost my cat, Buddy, a couple of years ago to a very serious upper respiratory infection.  I adopted Buddy from the local shelter when he was two years old.  I had no information on his past history.  The vet determined he had never been sick as a kitten and that is why he was having so much trouble.  He ended up staying at the vet in oxygen and then on an IV for two weeks.  I made daily trips to spend several hours nursing him back to health.  The vet informed me that he would always have issues like sneezing, runny nose and watering eyes.  The vet was right.  Several times throughout the year he gets affected just like we do with allergy attacks.  I sometimes have to get him shots, but for the runny eyes I use Pacific Pharma.  It is a gentamicin sulfate, ophthalmic solution, USP 0.3% in a 5 ml squeeze bottle.  I store it in the refrigerator and when I need to use it, I let it sit out until it is room temperature and then add a drop to his eyes every four hours.  Sometimes it may take a couple of days, but then his eyes clear up.  I always keep this on hand.  It is inexpensive and well worth having on hand.  If you have a problem with your cat's eyes getting watery, ask you vet if this is what you need.


Oxford, OH


Pacific Pharma Pet Eye Drops

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