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PB Blaster

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Pb blaster


Tried to use on garage door rollers


Missouri City Texas


Have a can in the tool shed this stuff works when WD-40 won't.


If you are going to take apart anything that has been in the weather for any time this will help you. Give it a chance to soak in, it takes time to work. For best use spray parts you need to break free and let soak. Take a break even simply spraying then jumping on the bolt does not make things easier. If you can plan ahead and spray bolts tap with a hammer and let soak several hours. Plan the work so it can soak while you are sleeping, one more quick shot in the morning and some light tapping can guarantee the removal of almost any bolt. I have had bolts that the hex edges of the nut were corroded and this did not work even with vice-grips and heat. (Exhaust system bolts) Ended up having to cut them off.


Chuckey, TN


Hold your nose and spray those rusted bolts loose!


    Have you ever had a nut or bolt that just wouldn't budge? Especially underneath your vehicle or lawn mower blades. Well I know I used to round off a few nuts and bolts before I found PB Blaster. Made by the B' Laster company it has been a godsend for anyone trying to undo a rusted nut or bolt.     **Uses    **Not only can you spray this stuff on rusted nuts and bolts it also has a few other uses I have found. Bicycle chains and hinges that are rusted can benefit from a good spray of PB Blaster. Padlocks that are left outside and have been ignored can benefit as well. I would not recommend that you use this stuff inside your house, unless you open the windows and have a fan.    PB Blaster has a very strong odor that lingers for days and if you have a sensitive nose or pets you need to be careful with it. I used it to free up the rollers on my sliding glass door that had rusted. My cockatiels let me know they did not like the smell. I use it whenever I need to free up a bolt or nut on my truck and it works very well. Simply spray it on, wait about 5-10 minutes and there you go. The rust has been busted up and the nut or bolt is now free.    PB Blaster has a very small amount of silicone in it so it is not intended to be a lubricant. After using it you need to use a lubricant to prevent future rusting. The reason it contains very little silicone is so that after it is used a normal cleaner can remove the excess in order for parts to be painted.**    Bottom Line       **If you need to get rusted nuts and bolts off then you need PB Blaster, it gets the job done. Rusted hinges on your shed, a neglected padlock, anything with rust that needs to be freed up can be accomplished with PB Blaster. A can will last me about a year around my house, I wouldn't be without it.


Vincennes, IN


PB Blaster saved me a lot of work!


I needed to do some exhaust work on my 1993 car. If you've ever seen nuts and bolts on a 16-year-old exhaust system, you know that they are so caked with rust that they barely resemble nuts and bolts. I looked at the nuts and bolts on my car's exhaust system and thought that I would have to cut them off, and cutting was going to be a LOT of work. Then my wife convinced me to look at penetrating lubricants and I found PB Blaster "penetrating catalyst." I bought a can, sprayed it on the rusty bolts and -- unbelievably -- I was able to unthread them. The bottom line for me is that a $6 can of PB Blaster saved me an hour or more of physical work, cutting bolts in a very cramped space. In fact, two of the four bolts I needed to remove were in good enough condition that I was able to re-use them. In all four cases, I believe that the nuts/bolts would simply have rounded off if I had tried to remove them without PB Blaster. **How does it work?** The manufacturer of PB Blaster claims that the lubricant actually penetrates the rust and gets into the threads of the nut/bolt. There's some mumbo-jumbo about magnetic particles and such, but I'm pretty skeptical about that. However, the proof is that it worked for me and saved a bunch of time and effort. I will definitely be re-using PB Blaster, as it took very little of it to free up my four nuts/bolts. **Summary** Can you spray a liquid on a rusty nut/bolt and actually expect it to free the nut/bolt up enough to separate them? I didn't think you could but PB Blaster proved me wrong. About the only downside is that PB Blaster came in a big can. I do a lot of work around the house and garage, and a two-ounce spray can would probably last me for a couple years. The big can I bought will last for a decade! PB Blaster works, and it is a time and labor saver. I recommend it.


Annandale, VA


PB Blaster

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