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Ozark Trail
Ozark Trail Twin Air Mattress

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Ozark Trail is great for camping or overnight visitors!


We recently moved across country and there were several periods of time where we were without beds... we bought a few of these Twin air mattresses for our children and they felt like home!  You can only sleep on the floor once or twice without feeling like you really don't want to do it anymore. I like how Ozark Trail air mattresses have a flocked top so your sleeping bag, sheets, or blankets do not slide off like some other bargain air mattresses.  They also are very sturdy.  They even stand up to 2 and 3 year olds jumping on them, even though they were asked not to. They are also great for camping and you can easily fit a few of them in a tent for easier sleeping away from home. They deflate small enough for easy packing for whereever you are going, or easy storage at home.  They were definitely a life saver for us. Cons:  They do develop leaks over time, but repair is easy.  If there still are problems they are inexpensive to replace.   Definitely something I'd buy again for myself, for visitors, for gifts.  Our queen air mattress has lasted even longer than the twin sizes, but we use it less often and noone jumps on ours.

Kansas City, MO


Great, cheap, and durable.


The Ozark Trail Twin Air Mattress is a great investment.  I purchased it because I needed a "budget bed" and didn't have the funds to buy a real mattress.  I used it every night for over half a year without a single problem.  It loses air very infrequently - I had to top it off only about three times during the duration I've had it.  It's also very durable and comfortable. The mattress comes with a patch in case you wind up with a hole, and its very own carry case that you can put it in when it's not inflated.  Uninflated, tha mattress folds up neatly and is lightweight and easy to carry.  You do have to buy a seperate air pump in order to fill it, but it fills up quickly and with no fuss. The mattress I have currently has bust an internal seam and has a bulge in it, and I will have to go buy a new one.  Despite this, I don't think this is a common problem and I have been using the mattress more than people generally use one, so I wouldn't count this against it.

Durham, NC


Ozark Trail Twin Air Mattress

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