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Orly Nail Color - All Shades

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Meh, I could take it or leave it.


Okay, so being someone that does my nails almost every other day, I absolutely love finding and trying new nail polishes. So, when my mom found the Orly brand, I was excited because they come in a lot of different colors and have tons of sparkle polishes, which I love. I got to my mom's house, took off my old polish, and filed and buffed my finger nails getting them ready for what I thought would be an awesome nail coating experience. I painted my nails with ease. This polish goes on beautifully. And the colors dry sleek and vibrant. First day does by, and my nails have stayed perfect. Second day, I look down at my hands and what do I see? A chip! Not a tiny little almost missable chip, a huge half my fingernail size chip. I was so dismayed. I fixed the flaw, and went about my day as planned. Throughout the day, I keep looking down to check on my lovely colored nails, and each time I look, a new chip has appeared. By the end of the day, my nails look like they haven't been cared for in over a week. I was so sad. It took me a long time to try this brand again. But when I did, I found ONE that I love! I can't recall the name, but its a clear polish with teeny tiny little silver sparkles. I use this one most out of all of my sparkely polish. My favorite, is to put it over snowflakes or snowmen, or anything snow really. So, if you're going to buy this brand, do so with caution. I hope your experience was far better than my own. I am glad though, that I found the one little sparkely gem of a polish.



Great colors, not worth the price. Neon colors have no shine.


I purchased some Orly nail polish recently for the first time, hoping that it would be as good as the similarly priced Essie polish I had tried. The colors of the Orly brand were incredible! Bright neon colors and some cool glitter types as well. I was disappointed that the neon polish goes on with a VERY flat finish...no shine at all. You have to put a top coat on whether you want to or not. The polish stays on my toes reasonably well, but not on my hands. I painted my fingernails with two coats followed by their "no chip" top coat, and the polish lasted just one day! I was also disappointed that when I corresponded with their customer service about the flat finish their neon polish had, I never received a response. Product is okay, but not any longer lasting than a drug store polish.

Thomaston, GA


Another great brand of nail polish


I got a bunch of these Orly polishes in the pastel colors and I love them. The formula of the brand is really creamy and pretty opaque. I can't remember the names of the colors I currently own off the top of my head but I got them in pastel yellow, green, baby blue, salmon, and lilac, one color for each finger and thumb. I thought it was a really cute idea at the time and it makes a great summer/ warm weather nail art. The yellow and pink are a little streaky when only one coat is applied, but it is fine after you apply a second coat. The darker colors are fantastic because one coat covers the entire nail very opaquely (is this a word?) and usually I just use one coat and finish off with a top coat and that's it. The consistancy is great and they have some great colors, as well as collections. THey're super fun and I think they can rival the OPI brand. I have yet to try other name brands for comparison, such as Zoya or like Chanel or something, but Orly is pretty wallet friendly.

Medford, MA


Orly-nice colors but chips easily


I tried Orly for the first time because I had a coupon for a free bottle at Ulta. I loved the wide variety of shades, I had a hard time choosing the one I wanted to try! I opted for a deep red color. I only did two coats and the color was beautiful and shiny.  I did not use a base coat or a top coat, so I do not know how much that would have made a difference in the chipping but it started chipping within a couple of days.  I was disappointed because I spent all the time painting my nails for them to need repainted in only two days.  If I had the luxury of being able to retouch or repaint my nails more frequently then I would definitely use Orly because the paint is beautiful when on and the colors are really nice.  I may try using a top coat or some kind of anti chip next time to see if that helps because I really do like the nail polish.  I would recommend this nail polish to others.    

Columbus, OH


Orly Nail Color is ok


I got a bottle of Orly nail polish for free at Ultra with a coupon.  I got "cabana boy," a pink color.  I got it for my daughter so I tried it on my daughter first.  It took forver to finally dry but the color was perfect.  Then it chipped really easily.  I decided to try the nail polish color "shine" on me, which I got under the same promotion but for me "shine" is a silvery color..  It took a while to dry... but even "quick dry" nail polish takes too long for me.  It didn't chip as fast as it did with my daughter, but I am also really more careful than she is.  The color wasn't exactly what I would normally wear but it was pretty.  It took two coats for my daughter and like three for me, but I am a perfectionish when it comes to painting my daughter and my nails.  Thse colors last a good bit on our nails.  My daughter liked the chipped nail polish look (eeeek) and hers are still going strong, chipped and all.  I would reccommend this to someone who doesn't work with their hands alot.

Fayetteville, NC


Orly is a great polish brand


I will say upfront that my review of Orly is based on the fact that I am a nail polish person.  I always use base coat and top coat, and that affects how well a polish wears.  To me - Orly polishes are great.  I've been able to achieve bottle color on virtually all of them in 1 to 2 coats.  The formula is nearly always good - smooth color that applies well.  The dry speed is good.  I absolutely adore the rubberized cap.  They have a great array of colors, especially in their seasonal collections.  Some of their recent collections, like Cosmix, have been downright stunning, and some of the additions to their core line have been just incredible as well.  The polish wears very, very well on me, as good as any of the higher priced nail polish brands that I've tried.  I would say that Orly is in my top three of nail polish brands, and that is saying something since I am a pretty avid polish collector.  I just love them.

Westwego, LA


My favorite nail color of the Summer: Orly Passion Fruit!


At the beginning of the summer, I got a pedicure done with some friends. The color I chose was Orly "Passion Fruit", a bright pink/coral color. In some lights, it looks hot pink. In others, it looks like a coral pink. Then it changes again and looks like an orange pink. Absolutely love it! I ended up going and buying my own bottle, because it stayed on forever without chipping. As with all nail colors, if you apply a base coat and top coat, it prolongs the life of your mani/pedi. This went beyond anything I have ever known: my home-done pedicaures last 3-4 weeks, which is perfect for a "mommy" because I don't have time to re-do or touch-up every week. While Orly is a little pricier than Sally Hansen, NYC, Cover Girl, and some of the other nail color brands, it has been completely worth it! No matter what type of day I was having, I could wiggle my hot pink toenails, and a smile would come to my face! Find your favorite Orly color, and know you will actually end up spending less on nailpolish!

Warren, OH


This is an allright nail polish ive had better for the money!


Orly nail polish is a good color and lasts a good while, but it takes two coats and it is a little pricie for the quality i do believe. I have had better, but it is a better polish than a wal mart or drug store brand for sure

Carlsbad, NM


rough texture


This review is for Orly Catch the bouquet. I didn't like this color on me at all. It is sheer and bright at the same time. I had to put three coats on to get an even coverage which I would not mind but it did not look good. The texture was rough with the small amount of glitter in it made the three coats look lumpy. I returned it.

Beverly Hills, CA


Orly Nail Color - All Shades

3.3 9