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BeautiControl BC Spa Manicure Instant Manicure

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Instantly gives you amazingly soft hands


I absolutely love this product. My family always tries to make a point of keeping it around our house. It is especially great during the winter months. Personally, my hands get dry and cracks very easily, so a lot of the time it puts me in a lot of pain. Even though this sort of hurts to rub it in at first with the cracks in my skin, it leaves them feeling a lot softer and smoother once it's rinsed off. However, I really do love the idea of it. It comes in the package with a thicker liquid and what feels like course sand about halfway up the bottle. All you have to do is get a good amount onto your hand and just rub it all around! It actually feels really good when my hands aren't already rubbed raw or cracked. This is by far my favourite product from BeautiControl. It is one of the things that always keeps me interested in the brand which makes me just want to keep going back so I can get more of it.. definitely worth the money!




softer hands with the first use of the Instant Manicure


This stuff is amazing. Stir it up. If the jar has been opened do not shake it. They always seem to leak. Wet hands with warm water. Use a small spoonful and gently scrub on your hands. Rinse with warm water. Ahhh. You will feel the difference just using this product one time. The sale Crystals take away dead skin cells and the oil mixture will make your hands feel so soft. The Orange colored Manicure is their original Scent but they have a new Scent come out in the summer and Winter. (There is at least one scent that used sugar crystals instead of salt)


Bowdoin, ME


Show of Hands leaves my hand soft and silky smooth.


I recieved this for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I kept it in the shower and would use it once a week or so keep my hands soft. Occassionally I've been known to use it on my calves if I wanted my legs extra smooth. I have not bought another container as it is a little expensive.


Chattanooga, TN


great product


My girlfriend had a beauticontrol party a few months ago.  They had this product there to try and OMG it was awesome.  I could not believe how soft it made my hands feel.  I was hooked.  I bought one and I think I used it within a month of getting it.  I just ordered 2 more of them the other day.  This is an amazing product.  


Tyrone, PA


Wow, soft hands with little effort.


I have bought this in the traditional scent (mostly for the "boys" in the house) and in the special scents brought out for specials and holidays. I have it is a wonderful sugar cookie (limited edition) and in the brown sugar, which is great to use when going out for the day and you want to smell nice. It may seem a bit oily but that is all part of getting your hands their softest, the oiliness goes away fairly fast after you rinse your hands. I love how it makes my nails shinier afterwards as well. You may find similar products on the market, which I have tried a few when they were on sale, but found most do not work as well, making it well worth the price. One jar provides several "Manicures". Only problem I have ever had is sometimes the oil seeps out of the jar, but an easy fix for that is a sandwich baggie or an old frosting container. This is a minor inconvience when it lasts through several uses and can even soften the hard working "man's" hands without smelling too girlish. I have heard of men using it to soften their feet as well with great results.


Hudsonville, MI


BeautiControl BC Spa Manicure Instant Manicure is lovely!


I was a tad bit cautious about using this product because of the scrubbing 'action'. I have dry skin so I don't usually like to use 'scrubby or scratchy' products on my skin. However, this stuff scrubs without scrubbing. It cleans your hands so well and leaves them unbelieveably soft and smooth. You don't have to use much at all, so it lasts a long time. It is expensive, so lasting is a big thing. It also smells incredible. Some of the scents you can get it in are just fantastic. I love the Margarita and the Mint Chocolate!!! It isn't oily at all, and I just love everything about it. It exfoliates so well, you barely have to use any lotion or moisturizer afterwards because like they tell you about this product, after you exfoliate your skin obsorbs moisturization better so you don't have to use a ton and it penetrates even 2-3 times deeper into your skin. I love this product, and i love using it. everytime you use it it's a party in your hands. It's awesome and I am absolutely loving it! 


Millersburg, IN


Beauticontrol spa manicure


The first time i tried this. I loved it. I work with wilodlife and get"chewed up" quite a bit and the consultant was hesitatnt about putting it in my hands. I said, lets give it a try! Well between the essentials oils and the dead sea salts, my hands healed beautifly and were silky smooth too. I didn't even want to put on the additional handcreams! And now they make such yummy fragrances. The drawback is it can leak it it is tuned over because the grains of salt do not allow the jar to seal properly. It does last a long time though. I tried to transfer mine into a decorative jar for my bathrooms and it waas a messy experience...don't recommend that.  Makes a nice gift, but some people are kind of confused by it unless you have a detailed explanantion how to use it and what it does. I have also heard a lot of people say they can make it themselves cheaper, so I may try that as well. I just have to figure out how to seal it. Soemhow the oil will evaporate if not sealed properly.


Seguin, TX


Instant Manicure is the one product I can't live without!


Without this, my nails become dry and brittle.  It is a lifesaver!  Plus, the sea salt feels great as a massaging tool when you're rubbing it on your hands.  I really feel pampered using this, and my hands are so soft without having to pile on lotions that just leave residues.  This product truly makes it feel like the softness in my hands is coming from *me *and not a product.  My nails also become more durable and seem to increase in strength by a few layers at least.   This is the one product that I cannot live without.  It makes me feel amazing. As far as the cons others have listed, it only leaves an oily film if you don't rinse your hands well enough.  After using it a few times you will know just how much to 'leave' and how much to 'wash off' and you won't have that problem anymore.  And of course it's oily to the touch - how else would it infuse your hands with oil and moisture?  Come on, people!


Rockdale, TX


BC Instant Manicure is like a slice of heaven for your hands


Oh - where do I start?  This is my FAVORITE beauty product and I can rant and rave on it for days!  I should tell you that I am also a pretty simple gal who doesn't tend to get carried away with lots of makeup, beauty products, or indulgences.  However, when I was introduced to this product at a family member's spa party, it changed my opinion on beauty products.  Who is to say that I don't deserve to pamper myself a little and feel good about my skin and the way that I look?  So now I use this instant manicure when my hands and/or spirit need a little pick-me-up.  I tend to have really dry and cracked skin, especially in the winter.  All it takes is one hand treatment with the instant manicure and my skin feels like velvet while my cuticles and nails also look revived and nourished.  The only thing that I am not a fan of is the price.  I do think it is a little pricey, but well worth it for the quality and how long the product lasts.  I have also learned to be careful when I use it, as the oils make it hard to grip or open things immediately after the instant manicure treatment.  Overall, this is an amazing product that I will continue to use for myself and even purchase as gifts for friends and family.


West Lafayette, IN


Smooth, soft hands instantly


I purchased this when I attended a friends Beauticontrol party. Everyone was asked to wash their hand and use this product prior to beginning the facial portion. The smell was wonderful and made me instantly want to try it!! Just using a little, I could tell my hands were much smoother and felt wonderful. I purchased it immediately and when I got home, my husband, who is a construction worker used it also. He was amazed by how much better his hands felt and by how much softer his calluses were. I think he began using more often than I did!! My husband told some of his guys at work and they laughed at him. We purchased a jar for several of them during the holidays and they too feel in love with the product. I use the scrub, rinse off my hands and top it off by adding an additional moisturising cream to help soak in the oil. i would recommend this to anyone who gets dry, rough skin. It will make your hands feel marvellous.


Colorado Springs, CO


BeautiControl BC Spa Manicure Instant Manicure

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