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Olay ColorMoist Lipstick - All Shades

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One word, WONDERFUL!!!


Will i have been using this since i dont know how long, and i recomend it to anyone and everyone! I use no other makeup but olay! Maybe thats just me but i dont care! the lipstick stays on even after you have eaten and drank something! Women have used lipstick in one form or another since ancient times. According to Meg Cohen Ragas and Karen Kozlowski in "Read My Lips: A Cultural History of Lipstick," Egyptian women were known to use both henna and a potentially poisonous plant called fucus to color their lips. Although lipstick has had its ups and downs in popularity, being frowned upon as vulgar and seductive during certain periods, it remains a cosmetic staple in society today; red is still the most popular lipstick color. For the best reviews of lipstick, we turned to Paula Begoun, who regularly tests thousands of beauty products, including lipsticks, for safety and efficacy at her subscription-based website, Beautypedia.com. Several of these reviews are also available in her book, "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," and at her online storefront, CosmeticsCop.com; neither source is updated as frequently as Beautypedia.com, however. Consumer Reports tests four long-lasting lipsticks and finds that drugstore brands work just as efficiently as expensive brands, for less than half the cost. Beauty magazines such as Allure, InStyle and Natural Health also test hundreds of products and choose the best lipsticks for their annual beauty awards. We found useful consumer reviews at MakeupAlley.com and TotalBeauty.com, where users rate lipsticks on their practical application.

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Olay ColorMoist Lipstick - All Shades

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