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Now Foods
Now Foods Almond Flour

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Excellent for your health!


I first tried this brand of almond flour about five months ago. Recently, I decided to switch over to a more natural diet. I wanted to see if it would help heal my migraines. Part of a natural diet is switching from regular flour to almond flour. Almond flour has a great deal of health benefits and is all natural. This brand of almond flour is incredible. It tastes awesome. It can be used in almost any recipes as a substitute for regular flour. It does dry out things more when you cook with it so you have to alter other ingredients. However, the health benefits are countless. My body processes and digests this almond flour so easily. It helps my body function better and also helps me stay at a lower weight. I would definitely recommend this almond flour to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle. It tastes similar to regular flour with more health benefits. It is more expensive, but the quality is worth the price.



Now Foods Almond Flour

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