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Nourish Interactive

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fun games teach kids about eating healthy food and new my plate


The website is redone since 2012- the kids' area has over 25 games, some of the games are quick to play but the kids really learn alot playing them- there are no ADs at all in the kids areas, it's good for preschoolers all the way up to 6th grade or so. If you want your kids to learn more about eating healthy I'd sign up for a free membership so they can play the 7 level game Chef Solus food adventure game. I signed up and like the progress reports by email with ideas of things to do at home on the topics the kids are learning while they play and the newsletter that gives healthy printouts- puzzles and coloring page for seasons and holidays



healthy eating kids games, parenting tools nourishinteractive


Nourish Interactive games and health tools have helped my family to eat healthier foods, I struggled with my twins who have been overweight, it is hard because they just can't eat unhealthy and fattening foods that their friends eat or they really gain weight. After playing the games about eating healthy and the food pyramid game they are learning why it is important to choose foods that will make them feel good and be healthy, they are really connecting what they learn online with playing the games and are making better eating habits.  I have noticed that they have learned and they think it is fun. it is working wonders - they have both lost some weight! They  remember what they learned online, even sometimes teaching other kids - or me- about what they know. This is good because the approach is to give positive messages about body image and healthy messages using friendly characters. they also seem to look forward to the next kids 'nutrition story' every monthI have often used the tools to learn about their bmi with the kids bmi calculator, plus some easy tips to try at home and the parenting nutrition newsletter emailed to me every month is great, and its free!

Burlington, MA


Nourish Interactive kids games are FUN and FREE In Spanish too!


What's fun about Nourish Interactive is that it uses games and fun characters to teach kids about making healthy food choices. You earn fun rewards as you reach different levels of the good pyramid. It's Free to sign up and parents can keep track of what their kids are learning too.

Acton, MA


Not user friendly


I find this site to be poorly designed and hard to use.  The games didn't work for my kids on our home computer and there's google ads on this site.  Children's sites should NOT advertise toward kids no matter what the content is.  If this company had any integrity, they would take all advertising off the site.  

Boston, MA


Nutrition Education site is completely FREE


I am the founder of Nourish Interactive. I wanted to make sure you knew that the site is completely free. It is also available in English and Spanish. Our goal is to ensure all children and parents have access to our nutrition education games and tools.Thank you for the nice review.Maggie LaBarbera

San Mateo, CA


Parents & kids learn how to eat


BZZing over to viewpoints to alert them to this great new site that educates parents as well as their kids into learning about nutrition & exercise to stay healthy.  Games, Food Pyramid & Nutrition dictionary so both parents & kids learn what stuff means.

Cleveland, OH


Nourish Interactive

4.2 6