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Norco takes the edge off, but that is about it!


I have been on Norco for over a year now and it hasn't been my miracle drug, but it has taken the edge off.  I am on more than one pain medication because of the chronic pain.  I'm sure it would do a lot of good for people who have not had all of the problems that I do.  I had severe diverticulits, a colon-resection, a colostomy, colostomy reversal and numerous other surgeries.  All of this causing the now chronic pain due to nerve entrapment, scar tissue, a large hernia, etc.  The side effects have been nausea which has been offset by adding Phenergan to the mix, fatigue and drowsiness.  Over time they don't bother me as much.  All and all it hasn't been a bad medication for me and is worth a try if you have pain.  Each person is different and each medication has a different affect on each of us.


San Antonio, TX


Chronic Pain--no sign of relief!


Norco offers no relief for me.  I am probably a rare case (I can only speak from experience).  I suffer from chronic pain and I have tried quite a bit in my quest for relief. A friend of mine, who is a couple of decades older and a fellow pain-sufferer, said it took her years to get to Norco.  I took it twice and it did not even take the edge off my pain.  If they had only told me they were giving me Codeine, I could have told them to try something else. If your pain is not chronic and as severe as mine, this will probably be very effective for you.  My case is rare and I cannot stress that enough.  It is a very strong drug and a good one, it just does not work for me. I cannot speak to the side effects, because I do not have any effect at all.  It used to work and it was good for a time, but my tolerence is too great. Again, consult a physician and do some research.  It may very well suit your specific case.


Irvine, CA


Works wonders with pain but is addtictive.


Norco is a great pain medication for extreme pain. It is a combination medication. The Hydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever (opiate-type) and acts on certain centers in the brain to relive pain. The Acetaminophen is non-narcotic pain reliever; in fact, Acetaminophen is Tylenol over the counter. The Hydrocodone is addictive so coming off it can be upsetting for some people. Others who are not prone to addictions should not have a problem. It is best to be weaned off the drug so that you do not suffer withdrawal symptoms. The Acetaminophen is non-addictive but some can be allergic to this medication. Even though it is a small dose you should check with your doctor before taking this medication.


Newberry Springs, CA



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