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This is a great web site for grocery shopping


Unable to travel to regular grocery stores, because of a bad back, I was happy that Acme Markets would deliver your groceries directly to your door for a fee. After using Acme for almost a year,  to my dismay Acme stopped delivering groceries. So I was left to find other means of having groceries delivered. Another supermarket did offer internet shopping and I tried them. First of all they took a week to deliver the food, whereas Acme was only a day later, and the cost was more. I was not a happy camper, so I kept searching, I was able to locate Netgrocer.com, which sent the groceries through the mail. The time was a bit long like the second company, but the cost for delivery is half the price. The products they offer online are very diverse, gourmet and organic products are available. The prices are competitive and they often have sales which are appreciated. The company has a multitude of brand names and their customer service  people are very attentive to your needs, when you have a problem. Netgrocer.com is a subsidiary of a larger grocery chain out of New Jersey. I have been very pleased with their service and I am hoping that they continue to provide delivery service of groceries for a long, long time.

Blackwood, NJ



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