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Nature's Bounty
Nature's Bounty Pure Vitamin C Capsules, 1000 mg

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Nature's Bounty Pure Vitamin C


Nature's Bounty Pure Vitamin C review:   My husband and I fluctuate back and forth between Nature's Bounty brand vitamins and Nature Made brand vitamins.  Both brands seem to have an alternating bi-weekly buy-one-get-one thing going at Rite Aid.  I wonder what their affiliation is, now that I am typing this out... Anyhow the last time we went to stock up it was Nature's Bounty that was on sale and among other things we added a bottle of Vitamin Cs to our basket.     Vitamin C is one of those no-brainer vitamins to add to one's arsenal.  You cannot take too much of it.  In the wintertime it is especially essential to fight off other people's germs and short-term diseases, whether you work in a big office or take public transportation.   Nature's Bounty Cs are a tolerable size for swallowing.  I am a borderline baby when it comes to taking pills and these are within the scope of pills I can handle.  I normally prefer the chewable ones (yes, I am an adult), however they are pricier so we opt for the "grown-up" ones.

Astoria, NY


prevents colds


Nature's Bounty Vitamin C helps prevent colds and keeps my gums healthy. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone. I needed a source of vitamin c and am quite satisfied with this brand. Everyone is looking for a bargain these days, but it can be hard to find a genuine one. These capsules definitely fit the bill. Fresh, good expiration date, versatility and a great price. Would definitely RECOMMEND! What this helps with is: whenever i start to get a little sick and feel like i have a cold or flu coming on, I take a mega dose of Nature's Bounty vitamin C, say four pills at the same time, every 5 hours or so for about a day. this generally does the trick and knocks the cold right out of my system. In this day and age, I am shocked that the media doesn't tout the benefits of Vitamin C more. So easy to take, cheap and safe. I am now on permanent daily Vitamin C. Everyone should be supplementing with it.

Richmond, VA


Nature's Bounty Pure Vitamin C Capsules, 1000 mg

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