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Nature's Bounty
Nature's Bounty Flush-Free Niacin

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Really is flush free


This is truly a great product. My doctor told me to try taking niacin because I was told not to take fish oil supplements anymore,so he said to take this as an alternative. I do believe it does help my cholesterol as well as really being flush free. I was always so skeptical about taking niacin because I had always read so much information about it that said that it makes the face very flushed and I didn't want my face to be hot and red,so I thought I would buy some and try it. Well,much to my surprise,it really is great! I haven't had any redness or hotness on my face,so it is almost like a miracle product for people like me. The price is wonderful because it is very affordable for the budget. I will certainly purchase this niacin supplement again in the very near future. I would highly recommend that many other people try it as well. It has an attractive package and it is very easy to locate in your local pharmacy.



Nature's Bounty Flush-Free Niacin helps to lower my cholesterol


I have used 3 different statin medications and 1 other cholestrol medication for which I am still suffering side effects after stopping all medications about 2 years ago.  My doctor gave me a presciption for Niacin (I think it's higher than the over the counter one).  I had a bad side effect to this so I stopped it.  I found this Nature's Bounty when I went to pick up some Fish Oil capsules.  I talked it over with my sister and decided that I would give it a try.  I take it with my dinner and it has not caused any side effects.  I would recommend to anyone dealing with high cholesterol to use this along with a Fish Oil capsule and change your diet and excerise more.  Doing this has brought my cholesterol numbers to the normal range and they have stayed there for the last 18 months (my numbers were gettig lower during the first six months).

Los Angeles, CA


Nature's Bounty Flush-Free Niacin

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