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Nature Made
Nature Made Biotin Softgels, 2500 mcg

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I've always heard about biotin doing wonders for skin, hair, and nails. I soon learned that even though I eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein (like chicken, fish, and turkey), whole grains, and dairy (milk and soymilk), I hardly got any biotin. I bought this product because I knew it would be my main source of this nutrient, and decided to get a supplement with high potency. I tried Nature Made because it is the #1 most recommended supplement from pharmacist. I like how these are very small, liquid gels, and are very easy to swallow (even easier than aspirin in my opinion). After just a couple of days, I started to see a difference in my nail, hair, and skin health. My fragile nails were now much stronger, and didn't get torn as easily. My hair seemed to be growing faster, and it grew shinier and thicker than before, and my skin seemed to have this new, radiance. This product worked wonders for me, and I'm glad I now have biotin in my diet, because I can really see the difference it has made in my life.



life changing!


I'm a 20 year old girl and in pretty good health but a few months ago I noticed that my hair was falling out more than usual, I had a few bald spots and my hair was really thin and felt dry and damaged. I figured it was because of the shampoo I was using so I stopped using that. My hair was still breaking and looked really thin so I thought that I needed something more than just changing shampoos. I was searching online about hair loss and read that Biotin is really good for hair. I went to my grocery stores pharmacy and found Nature Made Biotin Softgels, they were on sale too! I thought I should give them a try cause I figured I couldn't make things any worse. I've been taking Nature Made Biotin Softgels for 2 months now and my hair looks so good! My hair hasn't been falling out at all, it's starting to grow back and my hair no longer feels dry and damaged. Another good thing about Nature Made Biotin Softgels is that it's really good for your skin and nails too. I'm so glad I found this product, I'd be lost without it! If you're hair is thinning and falling out I definitely reccomend Nature Made Biotin softgels!

Saylorsburg, PA


Nature Made Biotin Softgels, 2500 mcg

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