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Nailtiques Nail Protein - Formula 1

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Bye Bye Brittle!


Ok - I have been suffering with dry, brittle nails for years. It seems that even though I do all kinds of things to take care of myself (vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise) - my nails still seem to be brittle, peel away, etc. Not only does this make me self consious about my hands, but it leaves me with an ultimateum - either pay big bucks and really ruin my real nails by having fake nails put on OR I find an alternate solution. Well, the Nailtiques system is just that - my wonderful, nail saving, solution. This product ROCKS! You simply put on a layer of the clear polish/protein - let it dry - and go - You can put it on and then color over it OR wear it plain - which is what I generally end up doing. After just a week, my nails had *significantly* changed for the better - the strength was amazing !!! They appear much healthier and I could not be happier! Thank you Nailtiques for understanding the many women who are faced with dry brittle nails and your development of this wonderful protein that renews their strength and durability! I for one am hooked!


Birmingham, AL


Nailtiques Nail Protein - Formula 1

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