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NUK Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Pack

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NUK Breast therapy relief pack is a life saver


This is a "Must Have" for a new Mom. It should be included in your hospital bag and readily available when you get home. I didnt know about this wonderful product with my first baby and suffered engorgement. :( I bought these at a great price and decided "why not" when I was expecting my second baby. I used these when I was engorged and it really help to relieve the discomfort, and helped to shorten the period of time it took for the swelling to go down. I used them cool after every feeding. Picture a round ice pack (that doubles as a heat pack) that has a big center cut out of it. That is what this is for the most part. I wish I had this sooner! This is really nice to have. I love the fact that they can go in the microwave or in the freezer. When microwaved it lasts around twenty minutes of heat.

Sarasota, FL


NUK Relief Pads relieve pain from nursing


My mom found the NUK Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Packs for me when my baby was a few days old when my milk came in. I thought I would want it for the warmth but it was the cooling feature that I have appreciated the most. I had been standing for a long time in a hot shower to relieve the soreness from nursing a newborn and engorgement but these pads were a lot more convenient! I really like that it takes a short amount of time for both features. The cool is not at all too cold, something I was concerned about. It is just the right temperature to relieve soreness. You can stick them in your bra and keep doing what you need to do. They are large and bulky so I wouldn't wear them in public but at home is fine. The warm feature wasn't as great in my opinion. It just wasn't warm enough. I have only tried it once though so if I needed to I would try microwaving a little longer. I have recommended these to friends who are new moms because they helped me a lot. The price is pretty good too.

Burleson, TX


NUK Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Pack

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