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Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

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A little bit of Nature in ym kitchen


Love that this Boon drying rack livens up my kitchen counter. This is such a sanitary way to clean my bottles and I love that my bottles have a seperate drying rack from our houseghold dishes. This product is a must have for nerw partns and will make you love doing your disghes.

Big Bear City, Ca


Highly recomended this company


This company service is very good. i am highly recommending to this company


Really Pretty


We decided to use the Boon Grass Countertop Bottle Drying Rack because it looked like it would be really pretty on our counter top and it was different from other drying racks. In the end, the Grass Drying Rack was not only pretty to look at, but it has proven quite useful as well. We started out with two when we became the parents of boy/girl twins. Lots of bottles and pacifiers and utensils, etc. We've even used The Grass to hold toothbrushes and medicine droppers. To be honest, The Grass has also seen a few "adult" dishes over the past couple of years! The needles hold stuff in place firmly and the nature in which they're arranged allows them to hold a variety of things. After the twins turned two, we gave away one Grass square, but even without bottles to hold, we kept one square for their cups and pacifiers, etc. The Grass is easy to keep clean, and once again it just looks so pretty on the counter. Plus, how fun is it to be able to have this conversation: "Where is the baby's bottle?" "On the Grass." Heehee, awesome.



We get tons of compliments on our Grass Countertop Drying Rack!


We added the Grass Countertop Drying Rack when our daughter was born and use it daily to dry her bottles, pump parts and anything else that needs it. We love the sleek, modern design and it fits perfectly in our dishwasher when it needs a cleaning. Others may say it's too small, but we love it's space-saving approach.

Garland, TX


Grass Countertop Drying Rack--Attractive and Compact


We love our boon grass countertop drying rack. It is really cute, yet functional. Our baby does not have very many bottles so I usually wash them by hand and this drying rack is just perfect. Plus it really goes with the decor of our modern style kitchen. I love having a baby product that doesn't look like a baby product (pastel colors, cartoon characters, etc.) that can sit out on our counter and actually look nice in our kitchen while serving a purpose at the same time. We were a little bit worried about possible bacteria growth starting in the white tray that the grass sits in, but we clean it often enough that this has not been an issue. We just love that the grass is designed to be able to hold just about anything including teethers, bottle parts, baby utensils, baby plates, sippy cup parts, and even pacifers. If you're look for something that has both style and function this drying rack could be a great fit!

Greer, SC


Great Help


I registered for this item at my baby shower because I thought it was cuter than the other drying racks, but little did I know how functional it would be too! I love this rack and now I buy it for all my friend's baby shower (even if they don't register for them). They really hold your items with the stiff tongs and since it's dishwasher friendly, I just throw it in the dishwasher now and again and it holds up great!

Beaver Crossing, NE


Boon Drying Rack is the best one!


I looked at a lot of different drying racks once my baby started solid foods and the Boon Grass drying rack is by far my favorite! Not only is it so functional but it is so cute too! I don't have any problems keeping it out on the counter with nothing on it because it just looks like a piece of decor. I like it because I can not only use it for drying bottles but for drying her spoons, bowls, and teether toys as well. I love that it isn't too bulky yet you can still get a lot on there at one time. I am an exclusively breast feeding mom and so I don't have to use a lot of bottles every day, but for me it is the perfect amount of space for all the things my baby uses each day. It may be a little small for those who use more than 5 bottles per day though. It is really easy to clean and drain off if you need to. I plan on using this drying rack even after my baby is grown up because it is so cute.

Salt Lake City, UT


Grass Drying Rack Is Cute but Not Practical


For me the grass countertop drying rack is a cute patch of green in the kitchen, and it does capably dry off several glasses or maybe two bowls--all you have to do is set the item upside down--but it is just not a very efficienct use of my counter space, which is about the most valuable real estate in our entire house. The counter already has a microwave, a blender, a popcorn machine, and a coffee maker. It had a juicer, but used it so seldom that it didn't justify the space it took up. The regular wire rack I have been using is still the best way to dry things. It takes up the least amount of space, it has special spaces for glasses, and it is easy to stack even a second layer of items on top of the first. If I has more counter space, I might consider the grass drying rack, but even then I think I might prefer just to have some more bare space for food preparation. I do like the looks of the grass rack, though. ****

Stockton, CA


Stylish and versatile Grass Countertop Drying Rack


This is actually our second Grass Countertop Drying Rack that we have owned. The first one was given to us by a close friend as a baby shower gift. When I opened it I thought it was the cutest little thing I had ever seen but I wasn't sure that it was going to be worth trying to use and it being helpful to us in anyway. I thought if nothing else it would look really cute sitting on our counter! Anyway, when our daughter was born shortly after we started the never ending cycle of washing and drying bottles and nipples, and since it was sitting on our counter looking so cute, I thought let's see if it can do anything else. So after I washed the bottles and nipples, I placed them on the Grass Countertop Drying Rack to dry and to my slight surprise it worked wonderfully! It was big enough to hold all of the bottles and nipples used throughout the day, but it was still small enough that it was not intrusive or in the way of normal cooking and other kitchen activities. I have talked to other parents who own the Grass Countertop Drying Rack and they said it was much too small to accommodate all of the bottles used throughout the day. it makes me wonder how many bottles they use in a day. My 2 month old daughter eats 7 times a day, and I can fit all 7 bottles on the rack at once, with room to spare. I could probably fit another 3 if I wanted to. I hook the bottles on the side, with only about 5 or 6 "blades" of grass. This drying rack is awesome, its pretty small, but holds a lot of bottles for it's size. It's much better than other bottle drying racks, because it can hold all pieces upright so you don't have water collecting in any parts, so everything gets completely dry. Well as kids always do, our daughter grew into a toddler and no longer uses bottles. Around that time we had a friend that was pregnant and we passed on the Grass Countertop Drying Rack on to her. She just like us loved it and is still using it today. When we passed on the Grass Countertop Drying Rack we did not expect that we would be needing again so soon, but to our surprise, we had our second bundle of joy much sooner than we thought. Thinking that it wouldn't make much of a difference we have been using a spinning bottle rack and a dish towel or two to dry bottles & parts for the past 5 months. The spinning rack was always full so we oveflowed everything onto dish towels to dry. I was tired of the dishtowels which inevitably would catch crumbs from around the kitchen. It was then we decided to go back to what works and we just got a grass countertop rack last week and it's awesome! It's great for the bottles and we also discovered this time around that it is great for odd-shaped or small items like spoons, baby gum brush, boon spoon, etc. Definitely easy to use, easy to clean and allows the bottles and parts to dry without a mess. With our newest baby we have been using Dr Brown bottles and vent/nipple/caps and I was able to fit 12 plastic Dr Brown bottles and vent/nipple/cap combos on it (with a little preplanning). I also tried it with my 4 oz and 8 oz Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle and it held great. Each Dr Brown vent slid right onto a "blade" of grass and it held without bending. Now that I am a mother of two, things can be a little busy at times and washing bottles can really be a chore. What I like about the Grass Countertop Drying Rack is you can put things on it without even looking! Just wash and push down where ever you want. It is that easy! I had a friend of mine and her baby come for a visit for a weekend and she uses glass bottles exclusivly. She was telling me how the other drying racks on the market were not designed with glass bottles in mind and were not sturdy enough to hold up the bottles. She tried everything to have it hold my glass bottle...tape...crazy glue, but nothing worked! When she tried the Grass Countertop Drying Rack she was absolutley amazed how well it worked. It held all the glass bottles upright and without effort, and it even had enough room left over for the nipples. She was an instant believer and went out the same day and bought one for herself. We just just introduced our oldest to solid foods, and love this rack for the little spoons, We also use a glass bowl, which fits perfectly. I love drying all her teether and little toys that fall on the floor all the time and need a quick wash. would definitely recommend it, not only is it convenient it also happens to be very pretty and modern and clean looking. This drying rack can hold any baby item you could possibly need to dry, doesn't take up a lot of counter space, and gives off the effect of a funky kitchen garden. The grass and base separate and can go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It's super stylish and fun, and functions just as advertised. Excellent product for baby bottles, etc. I HIGHLY recommend.

Red Bluff, CA


works well


I enjoymaking use of the Grass Couner Top drying rack.  it is portable, small and convenient for drying smaller items such as underware and longiere.  Using this product saves electricity because I do not have to use the electric clothes dryer. The grass Couner top drying rack does take longer for clothes to dry than a conventional clothes dryer. And  I cannot put as many items on the rack as I can put in a regular dryer but I love this item.  It saves me time because for every piece of clothing that i put on the rack, I can dry something else in the other dryer, I can also benefit from using this on cold days when I do not want to dry clothes outside. This drying rack also saves space.it fits on a counter or table   I reallly like it. I believe I will benefit frmo having two so I am considering purchasing another one. This is a handy item to have.  Everyone  may not liek this countertop dryer but as for me I love it.

Roanoke, VA


Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

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