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NUK Orthodontic Vented Nipples

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Nuk Nipples are all my son will use


While researching what I wanted for my son as a first time parent, I started him on Nuks. He loves them and I have had no issues with him having gas. They are affordable and easy to clean as well. I love them and would use anything else.


Three Forks, MT


great savings buy this product


I have found these nipples to be the best.  I have used them for my babies including premeture infants.  I have found the nipples are easy to clean and will fit basically on any bottle. The milk is secure in the bottle and will not run around the nipples.  I would recommend.       


Durham, NC


Is the best nipple for baby


I have tried many different nipple types and find these to be the best around.  The shape of the nipple is easy for baby to hang on to rather than the straight shaped kind.  My daughter drops her bottle less with nuk nipples which is great when you are in the car with a hungry baby!  The nuby nipples collapse with suction when my daughter tied them and she can hardly get any milk!  I have many different types of bottles and they work well with all of them, except I have some Nuby bottles that I can not find nuk nipples to replace the nipple that came in them.  They must be an odd size.  Nuk is by far the best!


Fort Mill, SC


My baby prefers these nipples to any other type.


My baby had a hard time latching on to regular nipples, so I bought a package of the Nuk, and haven't gone back.  The contoured shape of the nipple fits perfectly in her tiny mouth, and the vent allows her to keep eating without the interruption of as many air bubbles.


Blue Springs, MO


Work on every normal narrow bottles


As a mom of a small premie bottling was sometimes difficult.  The short nipple does not cause gagging like others may.  They fit common narrow bottles and rings. No special bottles needed.  They come in multiple packs with comes in handy for night time feedings. The biggest problem we had with the nipples is that you can only get milk out if the air vent is up.  This can sometimes be hard to see.  The nipples after a while would crack, yellow, or start to leak.  Because of thier cheap price and packaging it was not a huge bother to keep buying nipples.  They were not as durable as I hoped they would be.


Alexandria, MN


Best bottle nipples on the market


The NUK air system vents the bottle and prevents air intake.  These are great for almost any bottles and seem to really do a great job of lessening air intake.  They are designed to reduce colic and have an orthodonitic design to promote healthy teeth formation and strengthen baby's jaw.  The nipple is shaped to stimulate breastfeeding and help your baby switch between the breast and bottle more easily.


Port Orchard, WA


smaller nipple


We have tried several nipples for my granddaughter and all of them seem to choke here because they are to long. They make her gag. This nipple was referred to us from another mom that had the same problem and it does the trick. No more choking, shorter and better.


Gibsonville, NC


awesome nipples


I bought these bottles and nipples for my son and he loves them the only complaint I have is when you put the cover on the bottle you are unable to shake it without the milk going all over?? A small price to pay for an awesome bottle!!


Burnham, ME


Great for Breastfeeding


These wide mouth NUK bottle nipples are great for breastfeeding. I have no complaints. My husband and I argued over which bottles to use, Nuk vs. Playtex. The Nuk Nipples have the air vent technology for less gas, but Playtex has the bent bottles for less gas. I just wish there was a bottle with the best of both worlds. Nevertheless, since I breastfeeding and he is the one that has to bottle feed, I let him use the ones he wants. My baby has no gas problems, so I suppose they are working. It took my baby a week or two after introducing the bottle to adapt to the bottle in place of the breast. However, we tried a few different nipples to see which one she liked best. Nuk Nipples was the ones she took to. They are good quality so they may be slightly more expensive but you won't have to waste money buying more than you need. We got ours from our baby shower, but they are still in great condition. I did notice the flow is slightly slower than other nipples at similar stages.


Vinton, VA


Closer to breastfeeding, NUK Nipples are great!


Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to fully breastfeed either of my babies. In turning to bottles for feeding, I was desperate to find a nipple that most closely resembled my own without causing long-term harm to my babies' mouths. The NUK orthodontic nipple was just that for me--a nipple I could trust was doing the least amount of damage to my lttle ones while providing a shape and feel closest to that of their own mother. The design and shaped tip make for easy drinking for baby and also make these nipples very easy to clean. Another great feature of the NUK orthodontic nipple is the vented air system. The small indentation on the top-side of nipple allows air to enter the bottle while baby is feeding, preventing baby from drinking in all the air that replaces milk in the bottle as she drinks. This helps to alleviate gas build-up in baby's belly and can also help to reduce colic from gas discomfort post-feeding. It's a great feature and has certainly made a difference for us! The NUK orthodontic nipple is my favorite out of the many we have tried in our bottlefeeding journey; I recommend it to anyone looking for a wise choice for their bottle-fed baby!


Charlotte, NC


NUK Orthodontic Vented Nipples

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