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Helpful Relaxant


5-HTP was actually prescribed to me by my doctor to help me get to sleep at night, a few years ago. My doctor recommended that I take it a little at a time throughout the day, as opposed to taking it at night, right before bed time. The idea was to get my body into its proper rhythms. I decided to get some Now 5-HTP because I had used this brand for other products, and found them to be trustworthy.Once I had some, I did as the doctor said. This did help me to be more relaxed in general, and it improved my mood as well. When I was going through a tough ordeal, and needed help with anxiety, this really helped me to stay calm and less worried. I was able to get things done, that I wouldn't have been able to, due to harried nerves. However, it didn't keep me from having sleepless nights. I still tossed and turned. If you only have mild bouts of sleeplessness, this might work as a sleep aid for you, but if you are a serious insomniac like me, you might need something a bit more potent.



NOW 5-HTP will help rid the "blues"


I've tred a number of products to help wth energy and mood, and until I really knew what I was doing, I was just wasting time and money. I had gone through the ginseng phase, the ephedra phase, guarana,  and everything else before I realized, "hey", maybe it's hormonal. Sure enough it was. With the hectic lifestyle most of us lead today it's extremely difficult to maintain a healthy diet that would keep your hormonal levels balanced. Seretonin is responsible for so many things, inclusive of mood regulation, and energy. 5-htp will do just that for you. I'm sure some of you remember the rediculous ban on L-Trytophan years ago; well this is the next best thing, or more accurately I should say an even closer thing. In your body, trytophan breaks down into 5-htp, which in turn directly effects the level of seretonin throughout your body. What's even better than that is, you don't have to wait weeks for it to take effect. I felt better, and more energized the very next morning! NOW FOODS has a fantastc deal on this amazing supplement that you just can't pass up. Don't be taken by some of these enormous mark-ups on other so-called "superior" brands. This one is every bit as good as any that are twice the price. Yes, I found out the hard way.

North Providence, RI



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