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N/A Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit

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Breakfast Juice or Sports Drinks out of Your Faucet?


The Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit is a patent pending product that is not yet available to anyone.....That is very sad cause in my opinion it is a better option than that one flavor at a time pump in Goo into your filtered water alternative that is on the market.Things that you can look forward to that make this choice a better one.1. The system holds several cartridges at a time and uses sensors for Automatic dispensing which means no pump action is required which only puts stress on the Kitchen Faucet.2. The system uses a dial so you can dial in your desired flavor and as soon as you place the glass or container into place the Automatic dispensing begins and stops as soon as you pull the container away.3. This is not a filtration system, but a filter is optional for those who want their water filtered prior to the mixing process.  This decision was made for people who feel that their water is fine and are not interested in those expensive filter replacements that leave little black particulates in their drinking water, but a filter is optional if they feel safer with that option.4. The system is designed with patent pending Auto Flush Technology, which flushes out the system after every use from one flavor to the next.  This decision was made as a health and safety concern so that possible residue and possible bacteria buildup could never happen as the flushing process flushes through the mixing reservoirs and conduits and out through the outlets and optional filter to ensure the system always stays flushing clean!5. Unlike the one pump alternative which is available, this system does not pump goo into already filtered water, what happens is that as soon as the user dials in their choice a highly concentrated amount of concentrated flavor and coloring is dispensed into a mixing reservoir and waits there until the required amount of water has flowed through the system and mixes in with the formula and carries it through the mixing conduits and out through the flavor dispensing spout.6. Since this system adds highly concentrated formula into a mixing reservoir and awaits the introduction of water it does not flavor water it actually reconstitutes concentrated formula into a beverage.  So the process is far superior to the alternative that is on the market, reconstituted beverages include Orange juice, Apple juice, lemonade, Cranberry juice and Pink Lemonade and a variety of Teas and soft drinks........The Patent for this #D575,376 & Patent Pending #11/875,356The Patent holder and Partners are looking for an Investment opportunity so this system can be manufactured.



N/A Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit

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