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Munchkin Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer

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Great for heating and resource, but needs frequent cleaning


I purchased the Munchkin bottle warmer because my father was going to be babysitting some nights.  I didn't want him to worry about waiting for the bottle to heat up in water.  The bottle warmer is useful for heating food and bottles.  He said that it was easier than the warm water, but still checks the warmth of the milk against his wrist the old fashion way.  Luckily or by design it hasn't made it too hot yet!  My only complaint is the the warmer gets a sludgy brown gue below the tray that needs to be cleaned frequently. 


Charleston, SC


The munchkin delux bottle warmer works well.


We received a Munchkin Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer as a gift from a friend, and we have been using it for a few months to warm bottles for our daughter. It definatly does what it is meant to do but you really have to watch the temperature of the milk before you feed your infant. The way the bottle warmer works is you have to put water inside the warmer, and as it steams the water it warms whatever is in there. There is a table on the back of the warmer that will tell you how much water to put into the warmer based on how much food or what size bottle you are warming. But I have found that depending on what type or kind of bottle you are using, it may not warm the bottle to the same temperature. It has an alarm that will go off when it is done warming the bottle which is nice, but it is a little loud. It also has an automatic shut off once the alarm goes off, but I always make sure that I unplug it when I am done just to make sure.


Level Plains, AL


Can't imagine night feedings without it!


We were given the Munchkin Bottle Warmer as a gift, and since we were planning on nursing exclusively, I never thought we would use it. Well, we used it in the first few weeks. I did nurse exclusively, but it was so nice to have some milk stored for a night feeding so my husband could feed our little boy, and "mommy" could sleep a little longer. I honestly can't imagine those first few weeks if I didn't get that precious sleep! This meant my husband and I both could get 4-5 hour sleep segments. It is very, very easy to use. The lines are easy to follow, the directions can stay with the warmer, and there is a small basket to steam/sterilize bottle nipples and pacifiers. It is a perfect size and didn't take up a bunch of space on our kitchen countertop. It was also compact enough that it fit easily into a suitcase for when we were traveling. I have recommended these to several friends, because this thing is easily worth it's price! It cleans out easily on the inside (it accumulates residue after awhile) with just a wipe of a wet cloth. It will store easily for the next baby!


Warren, OH


Great for bottle feeding!


We never even thought about using a bottle warmer when we started bottle feeding our daughter, but after numberous days of heating bottles under warm water it was very much welcomed at our house.  We received it from my sister in-law in a tote of stuff that she used with her children.  After a few days of using warm water to heat our bottles, we decided to give it a try and I am so glad we did.  It is very easy to use.  Just pour in water according to the chart, and set the bottle in.  Once you push the on button it does the rest on its own.  The alarm will alert you when the bottle is warm.  No more trying to guess if the bottle is warm enough, or if it is too hot for the baby.  As long as you know how much water to pour in, you will never over heat the contents of the bottle.  We always shake the bottle after warming to ensure the contents is warmed the same all the way thru, but that is it.  It even shuts itself off after warming the bottle.  The only complaint that I have about the warmer is that the alarm is a little too loud, but if that is nothing for all of the good things that this bottle warmer does.


Mankato, MN


Great for busy mom


We have two children and unfortunately we did not have the Munchkin bottle warmer for our first daughter.  I wish we had.  This item is a dream come true for heating bottles, warming baby food, sanitizing nipples or pacifiers.  This thing does it all.  I love how easy it is to use and how quickly it gets my baby's bottles or food to the perfect temperature.  I used to spend time boiling water to santitize my daughter's pacifiers and now I just drop them in the Munchkin run it two times and they are ready to go.  It doesn't get any better than this.  Best of all it is so portable.  We take it with us whenever we go visiting family or friends.  My one piece of advice would be to use distilled or filtered water in the machine as it tends to get buildup on the inside if you use regular tap water.  You can and should clean the machine frequently by the directions on the insert as it will help lengthen the life of the Munchkin.  If you're looking for a quick and easy way to warm baby's bottles then you've got to get the Munchkin - it will be one of your best purchases.


Marion, IA


Munchkin Bottle & Food Warmer is no Munchkin!!


  When my daughter was pregnant with her second child, she made a concerted effort to have all the nice-to-have baby amenities.  This was not so much to accommodate her, but to make it easier for her husband to help out.  Although my daughter breast fed her son, she needed to supplement his insatiable appetite.  The husband found it inconvenient to come home after work and help out with the baby.  Therein comes the munchkin bottle warmer... to the rescue---mix powdered enfamil with water or milk, place bottle in the warmer, add a premeasured container of water into the warmer and  press the button.  Soon the munchkin beeps and signals a green light when ready.  The bottle is warmed to perfection as easy as one, two three. I am old school and all these new gadgets are sometimes overwhelming.  As a grandma, I appreciate spending more time playing with the grandchildren as opposed to fussing with cooking or cleaning after the little gremlins. This little appliance does more than just warm bottles; it warms drinks, leftovers, small items from the freezer and even a cup of coffee.  I just love this warmer and even suggest having two of them.  Instead of running into the kitchen in the middle of the night to prepare a baby bottle, you should have a munchkin bottle warmer in your bedroom.  Prepare another bottle, ready to warm when the baby awakens during the night.  In fifteen minutes or less, baby is fed and parents are back to good night's sleep.  I only wish the Munchkin Bottle Warmer was around when I was having babies.  It sure makes life easier for everyone in the family.


Maple View, NY


I'm very happy with the Munchkin Bottle and Food warmer


I got this as a gift with my first child and it was a lifesaver when it came to heating the bottle.  I never really used it for babyfood though as the glass would be very hot.  I have taken it out of storage after 5 years to use for my second child and notice it doesn't heat as well as it used to but after storage and two cross country moves, I'm not suprised.  I just put a little more water in and push the button.  So far that has worked pretty well.


Millersville, MD


warm food on the go


I had recieved a Munchkin Healthflow Bottle and Food Warmer at my babyshower when I had my daughter. I love the fact that it automatically shuts off, the lines on the side of the warmer are very helpful when you are in a hurry and you are adding water. We had decided that we were not going to use a pacifier with our daughter but things turned out different and I liked the fact that the sterilizer on the warmer is very easy if you are on the go and need to have a clean pasifier. There is information attached to the warmer if you need help and don't have the book anymore. The  lights on the front tells you when it is warm and ready for you to give to your child and it makes a sound when it done also.


Brookville, PA


Munchkin Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer

4.0 8