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Munchkin Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer With Pacifier Cleaning Basket

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Not worth the hassle


I got this bottle warmer as a baby shower gift. After my son was born I only used it 4 times before I returned it to the store. This warmer is noisy and it made the bottles entirely too hot. Even on the lowest setting it would make the bottles scalding hot and I would have to put them in the freezer or throw it out. It did work nice as a pacifier sterilizer but that is all the credit it will get.


Curtis Bay, MD


Great bottle warmer!


I use this bottle warmer at least once a week to warm bottles for the little baby that I sit for. What I like about this warmer is that it has an alarm that goes off when the bottle is warm, so there is no guessing and you don't have to stand there and watch it.  It beeps when the bottle is warm.  Also, the bottle is always the right temperature, I have never pulled a bottle out that is too hot or too cold.  It is also quick.  I think it only takes 30 sec or less to warm a full 6 oz bottle. I have never used it to warm baby food, but I can see how a jar would fit in there perfectly and I'm sure the baby food would come out the perfect temperature as well.  Another good thing about this warmer is that it is not too big and it fits on the counter nicely. It is also attractive so you can leave it sitting on the counter all the time and not have to put it away when you have guests over or anything.


Charlotte, NC


Makes a beep at the end of cycle waking up the baby


This is the most widely available bottle warmer that I have seen. Munchkin brand must have their distribution in place! This is the reason I baught this warmer as I could not get anything else in the store. I was highly disappointed in the warmer as it took forever to warm a bottle of formula and that too it was not refrigerated. The water leveler is kind of misleading as I had to use double the quantity of water to warm up the bottle. Also the most annoying part of this product is that it has a loud four beeps lasting 15 seconds. This is the reason that I had to go all the way to the kitchen to warm the formula for the midnight feedings as it would wake the baby up. I can not imagine why a bottle warmer which should be super quiet would have loud beeps at the end of each cycle. Not to mention it scares my puppy dog too. The only thing that I like about the product is its small basket which sanitizes small pacifiers and bottle nipples. It is convenient to just put the pacifiers in this basket rather to run the entire sterilizer. For the worth and the loud beeps I would not recommend this product.


Sugar Land, TX


A Good, Quick Warmer


This bottle warmer seemed a little extraneous to me when we got it, but we use it all the time. I'm sure the microwave is perfectly workable, but this almost always heats the bottle to the right temperature. There's a little guide that tells you how much water to put in and a measuring cup attached to the device. One problem we had is that the numbers wore off very quickly. I know about how much water to put in but the measuring lines are gone. It gets extremely hot. The milk usually won't overheat but when you get the bottle out the outside will be extremely hot. It uses steam to condense on the bottle and heat up the contents. As long as you use your brain though, you should be fine. It takes between 2-4 minutes to heat up a bottle fully. The interior space is not all that big. Most bottles fit, but not if they have anything attached to them, like a nipple. It's not a huge deal, but sometimes I don't want to hold my daughter, take off a nipple, and put on a cap at the same time. 


Fredericksburg, VA


Munchkin Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer With Pacifier Cleaning Basket

3.0 4