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Mr. Box Online

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Becoming more and more irrelevant.


Not quite sure who they think their customers are. If you ship your own products and make your own boxes as a small business you probably do not want to spend $1500.00 in cardboard to send 20 - 30 boxes per year. Their service is so deadpan that it is almost rude. The expression on everyone's face is "is it time to go yet". Other than tape, I cannot think of anything they have that you can have delivered or picked up closer to any business and often times cheaper. So long Mr Box Online, don't need you won't see you.


Pompano Beach, FL


Worst service experience ever


Awful experience. Wanted 100 custom printed boxes. Took two months to get the artwork set correctly, partly because there is no real template or artwork guidelines, partly because the president of the box division routinely took about a week to give an update or reply to multiple emails. Boxes finally came mis printed, askew, many missing print entirely, and literally all of them were unusable. Repeated calls and emails were met with no responses or minimal and partial acknowledgement. They had our money, so we kept trying to work with them to get it done. About 4 months of badgering and literally daily phone calls and emails to customer service and the president, we finally were shipped 42 boxes. The art was in the wrong places, which we repeatedly asked about and tried to get a proof but were ignored. Unusable. Eventually received a refund. I have never felt so frustrated or neglected by the lack of professionalism and communication by a company. It's almost impressive, the lengths they go through to be unhelpful. Find another supplier.


Nashville, tn


Love being able to get all my shipping stuff in one place.


I found Mr Box after being disappointed from trying time after time to order shipping supplies from other places and either getting ripped off or not finding all of what I was looking for. I ship a lot of stuff for eBay , Etsy and other things, so I always want to have shipping supplies on hand. As soon as I found Mr Box I was sold. They have all the different tapes, fragile packing materials and boxes that I use on a regular basis. I love it. They are slightly spendy. But I'll take the bad with the good. Ease of Use I've never had any issues using or navigating Mr Box or placing orders. Product Selection They have a great selection, many different choices in the different products. Product Pricing Pricing is actually pretty good good, compared to some other places , but it's still a cost. Customer Service Customer service has always Been easy to deal with, and have been helpful. Shipping and Returns Shipping is quick, and products are shipped well. I haven't had any issues with getting my orders on time.




The place to go to for shipping supplies


Shipping supplies can get costly if you buy them at retail.  Even office supply superstores such as Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depot are expensive places to shop if your shipping needs are more than occasional. **Mr. Box Online** This site was a fortunate result of a Google search several years ago, when I was selling products on Ebay.  I needed boxes of several sizes and it became clear to me very quickly that every dollar spent on supplies was a dollar not in my pocket.  Ouch! I was really impressed with the extraordinary inventory of boxes, packing materials, tape, etc.  But, what impressed me more were the extremely good prices and the ease of ordering through their web-site, www.mrboxonline. Shipping boxes that cost $2.79 at OfficeMax, cost $.60 each or less when ordered 25 or more at a time.  Since they are located near Ft. Lauderdale, I can usually order online (receiving an online discount) and then drive there and pick up my order in as little as 30 minutes.  That's the kind of service I can really appreciate. On the few occasions I've had to have them ship my order, it was shipped the same day as the order. **Customer Service** There have only been a couple of occasions that I've had issues to take up with Customer Service.  In both instances I found them to be both pleasant and competent.  This is a rare find these days. **My Viewpoint** If you have need of shipping and packing supplies in wholesale quantities this is clearly the go to place.  If you live in South Florida, it doesn't get better.  I recommend them. Regards, Rudi  


Boca Raton, FL


Mr. Box Online

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