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Motions Hair Relaxer Mild Formula

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It's not really great


The reason why I said that it wasn't really that great in the title because it's like a love hate relationship with this relaxer. I decide to buy this relaxer because I saw the commerials many times on television and I thought that it would work better than the olive oil relaxer. I broughjt it at a beauty supply store near my house and used it after buying it a couple of weeks later. Wow, my hair did feel really nice after I relaxed it. It was better than olive oil and I was so glad. I was like, finally I have a really great relaxer. I soon found out that I was os wrong. It wasn't the best relaxer I have ever had beacuse after putting it on the second time my hair felt like crap. I must be some con to have a relaxer work great on your hair then such. I brought more motions products so that my hair would still feel great. I like the relaxer but I am disappointer that I have to spend more money. 


Glen Lyon, PA


salon quality


If you love salon quality relaxers and black girls you know what im talking about lol.Then please invest in motions hair relaxer mild formula!!! I purchased this at sallys beauty supply a few years ago and have been using it ever since. This relaxer straigtens even those hidden naps in your kitchen area!!


Virginia Beach, VA


Motions Hair Relaxer Mild Formula

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