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Motherwear cotton sleep bra

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The Motherwear Pure Cotton Sleep Bra is a must-have for nursing moms whose little ones breastfeed frequently during the night.  The bra is super comfortable and is simple to use, just moving the cups to the side or the bra up or down to breastfeed.  Simple to use is a must for sleep-deprived moms! The bra is also wonderful during the day if you need just a little support.  It keeps nursing pads in place, and is not binding or difficult to manuever like other nursing bras.  Although it's not the most stylish of bras out there, I found there are not many super-attractive nursing bras, and at this point in your life comfort tends to beat out glamour.  It's not to say the sleep bra is unattractive, it comes in several colors and you can get an embroidered bra in the same style, it's just rather utilitarian compared to non-nursing bras.  The bra is also comfortable as a maternity bra as it is soft and doesn't have the painful underwire that so many bras have.  

Boylston, MA


Motherwear cotton sleep bra

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