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Motherhood Maternity
Motherhood Maternity Double Layer Nursing Bra

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Use only as a sleep bra.


This bra was comfortable but is definitely not something to be worn out. It separates your breasts in a very unflattering way and does not provide much support. For women with larger breasts this not a very good option but may work better for those size C or below.

Pasco, WA


A must have for nursing mothers!


As any nursing mother knows, even if your breasts don't get any larger when you start nursing they do get a whole lot heavier. And then there's the leaking that's associated with nurse. And constantly having to pull your boob in and out of a bra to nurse your baby. It's all worth it in the end of course but in the meantime it's so important to be comfortable. Of the dozen or so nursing bras I have used over the last three years this one is by far the most comfortable. It isn't the most supportive, though it does support my larger and heavy breasts very well. The material is very soft and the design allows you to nurse very easily and your breast that is out while nursing doesn't feel squished or uncomfortable at all. I own two of these and even wear one of them to bed on occasion to help with the leaking and with the discomfort nursing boobs at night time. If you plan on nursing for the minimum of two years that the W.H.O. recommends or want a great nursing bra to wear to bed, then this is the one you want!



This is a great sleeping bra.


This is a great sleeping bra that is also a nursing bra. Perfect bra for keeping the girls in place, but still feel like you're in your pjs. It's easy to climb into and can also be worn when you don't feel up to putting on a "real" bra on a blah-day. It only comes in white, but they're really inexpensive, so it's easy to keep them in wash rotation. Be sure to try each one on as I just got one that is mis-sized (one size too small).

Robertsdale, AL


Motherhood Double Layer Nursing Bra is a must have.


After trying numerous nursing bras throughout the years(over 18 years to be exact), this bra outdoes them all. It is so comfortable I could even wear it to bed. The support is exactly what you need it doesn't make you feel squished or smothered. It is easily accesible for your nursing needs, and makes you feel discreet. The material is so soft you are comfortable having your newborns face near it. Works great too during pregnancy. It grows with you. This bra is a must have at a reasonable price.

Palm Harbor, FL


For heavier up top women, these will help massivly for support.


The Motherhood maternity double layer nursing bra was a wonderful gift during my pregnancy and even more after my daughter was born.  The maternity double layer was best with our cool climate now.  The stitch work was awsome and does hold up through multiple washes.  The motherhood maternity double layer nursing bra made it easy to nurse in public and still be private.  It was also easy to undo the nursing part of the bra as well as putting it back.  I personally prefer a underwire for more support and I got all the support I needed with this bra.  I recomend this to anyone and everyone who is nursing or in thier last stages of pregnancy. 



Love, love, love this bra!!


Ok, this bra is the bomb!!!  It fits snug in all the right places and I don't have to fiddle with any latches.  When the baby needs to be fed I can just feed him.  I also love this because it was easier to pull down my tank top and feed him anywhere without everybody knowing what I was doing.  I have since recommended this bra to everyone I know that is breast feeding or expecting.

Gastonia, NC


Motherhood Maternity Double Layer Nursing Bra

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