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Motherhood Maternity
Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra

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Works, but not worth the price


I purchased 3 of the breast feeding bras from motherhood when I had my son. I only wore one of them once. They are not extremely comfortable and it can be a little bit of a chore to unclasp compared to just wearing a sports bra. Also, the material that sits under the moveable piece does not keep its shape well. Over these extremely expensive items I would recommend a comfortable cheap sports bra that can just be slid up one side at a time. They are less expensive, more comfortable, and more durable. The other problem with breastfeeding is the fact that breasts change sizes so often. This can be an issue in something with actual cups, where as in a basic sports bra it is all just one large area that can be more accommodating to whatever size the breasts happen to be on a given day.


Rome, PA


These bras were alright, but not the best for a fuller figure.


When my kids were nursing it was hard to find good nursing bras. I'm not sure why, but there weren't very many options or places to go to get them. I wish that the Motherhood store would create a wider variety of maternity nursing bras. I would love a great one for a women that has a fuller top. These bras weren't too bad. They were pretty comfortable. I liked the latch on the cup to make it easy to feed when you needed to. It opens and closes well. They are in basic colors, which I was fine with. They are good under shirts and fit smoothly. They have a small variety of ones to choose from. My biggest problem with these was just that they don't hold you up as much as you would hope that they would. They do have a little extra padding in the cups. It helps when you are nursing and trying to hide a nursing pad or the fact that you could leak. I would probably use these again if I had another baby.




Maybe for some.


I am nine months pregnant and finally ventured out to find a suitable nursing bra. It has been seven years since I needed one of these and I did not think I would have so much trouble. I picked up the last set of bras from Wal-Mart at a very reasonable price and comfort but options have become much more limited it seems. I figured Motherhood Maternity would have a far better selection since expecting mothers are their entire business but I was sadly disappointed. The bras that I had purchased in the past were far superior to the these. My first concern with these bras is that they are difficult to snap with one hand. Then, they do not come in a full range of sizes. HELLO, we are nursing mothers with LARGER breasts than usual. And contrary to popular belief we do not always increase in girth so we don't need the girth to increase with our growing cup size. This particular bra was stiff and I for one am against spilling out. I would love to find a decent nursing bra but perhaps they really don't exist. This bra may work for women who are D cup or smaller. At least is has some support and padding without an odd shape or lines showing.


Pasco, WA


Will last for years!


During my first pregnancy, I bought several bras in different brands. I figured they would all get used, and it was better to have a variety. I wore them through nine months of nursing, and some of the cheaper ones were really showing the wear. My one and only Motherhood bra held up GREAT. I am now on my 3rd pregnancy, and have pretty much worn this bra for the last 3 years during pregnancy and nursing. It is stained, and the writing has completely worn off the tags, but the bra itself is still in excellent shape! I've never owned any bra that had such good elastic and material to hold up this long. It's not even stretched out! I wear it several days a week, and it's been through the wash hundreds of times. None of the other bras I originally purchased are still around. I highly recommend Motherhood brand bras. You will get so much use out of them and they are comfortable and so practical. You can find cheaper bras, but they will not last as well.


Greencastle, IN


I could not wear this bra by Motherhood!


When I was pregnant with our third baby I knew I needed some new nursing bras.  I nursed both of my first children for their entire first year.  My old nusing bras were a sight for sore eyes.  They definitely had seen better days.  So I wanted to pamper myself with some new bras.  I was at a Motherhood Maternity outlet store and decided to splurge and buy myself 2 new nursing bras.  I always found it hard to buy nursing bras when pregnant.  I never knew exactly how much bigger they would get filled with milk or how much weight I would loose after the pregnancy.  So I bought 2 bras in 2 different sizes.  Well when baby was born and I gave these new Motherhood bras a try I could not believe how terribly uncomfortable they were.  The bra is padded, so when you fold it down to nurse baby it is very bulky and it gets in the way and is so thick it doesn't fold down nicely.  Then the ribbing in the side of the bra folds when the bra is folded down to nurse baby.  The ribbing pokes into my ribs then.  It is terrible.  Try again Motherhood!


Escanaba, MI


Comfortable but difficult to use


The price was right.  They didn't have my small size at the time.  The saleslady assured me that my bust would probably go up a size once my milk came in.  But it didn't and I got stuck with a bra that was too big.  And then there was those cups.  I could not work the latches to get them unstuck without using both hands, and where are you supposed to flip the cups once they are undone?  I'm not sure.  I got so frustrated with this bra that I put it in the back of my drawer and I only use it when all the other bras are dirty.  On the positive side, it is a pretty comfortable bra though the padding can make it hot.  Also, it is fairly shapely and the color works for me.  Mine has lasted for a few years, but it could be because I only rarely use it.  The price is reasonable, especially compared to other nursing bras.  Overall, I would skip this one, or at least wait until you have some experience feeding to know what works for you before you buy.


Columbus, IN


great product


I bought two nursing bras recently from Motherhood Maternity and thought that they worked great. I would recommend them to all new mothers. They had a variety of colors. My favorite thing about them was the fact that the clip on them didn't show through my shirts. So no one could tell that I was wearing a nursing bra. They offered great support and the fabric was comfortable. Also the sales people were great about helping to find the right size. They were priced rather high for the use, but I couldn't have lived without them. I would definantly reccommed them.


Westminster, CO


Great bra, great price


When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed her.  I also knew that I wanted to be comfortable while doing so.  I began searching for that perfect nursing bra and found it in the Motherhood Maternity line of nursing bras.  They are a great bargain and so worth the money.  I love how soft the material is and that the hooks are easy to fasten and unfasten when you are trying to feed a hungry baby.  I have used these bras with both my girls and have no complaints about them.  They truly are a great nursing bra.  The material is smooth as well so you can't even tell you are wearing nursing pads and a nursing bra when you are wearing a tighter fitting shirt.  I love that they are machine washable (I line dry mine.)  They also come in many basic colors to choose from.  You can also choose light padding or no padding which is a great option.  Like I said if you are looking for comfort and ease for you nursing experience, I highly recommend this bra.


Mobile, AL


Maternity Bra or Water balloon shooter?


anyone who is a chesty girl to begin with can sympathize with me as they search for the perfect maternity bra. well, kids...it doesn't exist. at least not at motherhood maternity...the only universally accessible maternity store around. everyone knows that having big boobs make you feel fatter, even if you look pretty healthy otherwise. and when you're pregnant, comfort and beauty are both equally important as your waistline poofs into a mountain of babyness. i am typically a 38 D, and i am NOT overweight in any way. i just have healthy jugs. well, by the time i hit the 3rd trimester, i pretty much need a walker for my lovely ladies. sports bras usually do the trick of bringing comfort and some support, but who wants to wear a sports bra ALL 9 months plus a year after when you breastfeed? most maternity tops have that empire waist thingy that leaves the seam hanging tightly under your bustline, so wearing a sports bra just makes you look saggy and misshapen. that is why i was trying to find a good maternity/nursing bra that acted like a regular bra--bringing support, shapeliness and lifting them up enough to look "cute" wearing those maternity shirts. motherhood maternity has a great selection...that is, if you never had boobs before you were pregnant. i tried the underwire, the wireless, the sports bra-ish supporters and pretty much anything else they had in my size (which was now a dreary 40 E). they were all pathetically uncomfortable and either bulged on the sides or had straps that didn't look like they could hold up a piece of gravel, let alone two boulders. this surprised me, since the store is very chic and has relatively knowledgable salespeople. i haven't been horribly disappointed with the quality of their clothing, but if you are looking for a wonderbra, turn around and run the other way! go with what my other bosomy friends recommended--have yourself fitted at a pharmacy for a high quality bra you'd pay the same price for at motherhood maternity. good luck, well-endowed ones!


Winona Lake, IN


Not impressed


I did not like the Motherhood nursing bras.  They had very little stretch and were not comfortable.  I ended up throwing them away and buying more expensive and more comfortable bras.  In this case, you get what you pay for.


Colorado Springs, CO


Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra

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