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Minwax Water-based, Oil-modified Polyurethane

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Minwax Water Based Polyurethane is VER low odor


After installing a cork floor, we purchased Minwax water based, oil-modified polyurethane to seal it. Although it said low odor, we waited until we could open all the windows before applying. I was shocked when we opened the lid of the polyurethane. It really is very low odor. My husband is aplying the third coat now. Tomorrow, I am having company for a turkey dinner and I have no worries about the smell of polyurethane in my home. The finish is beautiful and the Minwax polyurethane has not changed the color of or yellowed my cork floor. In fact, it has brought out the details of the cork and given my floor more depth. Clean up has been a breeze. We are simply putting the roller under the outdoor faucet until all of the polyurethane has been rinsed away. After washing our hands with soap and water, we are on to our next project.

Longwood, FL


Minwax Water-based, Oil-modified Polyurethane

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