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Microsoft Works 8

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Everyone should have it!


Works is great when you don't have Word, I actually think that Works is moreuser friendly than Word. The one thing that makes Word so good is that if you are going to email an resume to a business then you would have to use Word because not everyone, especially companies, uses Works.  I did not know that until recently so that is an FYI for others that are not as computer savy.  Although I have both Works and Word on my PC I use Works daily and usually just print out what I need to offer to someone else.  If there is something that I need to email to someone else then I usually use Word.  But as I stated earlier I feel that Works is user friendlier.  I like that way that Woks offers everything that you can do with it on one page in a graph type outline and you just click on what you want to use and follow the template.  It can also save you the money of buying Word if you only want to type a few lines and then print it out.

Pensacola, FL


Works Works while I Do My Work!


Probably because I get cheaper computers, I always have Microsoft Works. As a writer, I use it a great deal, but I don't have a desire to upgrade because Works has always worked for me. If I have to send a file over the Internet, rtf usually works, and I have been able to send doc files. The only problem with receiving doc files is there may be changes in the documents which makes for difficult reading. Works can't receive fancier files as I found out in December when a friend sent something. I don't know what it was, but Works wasn't having it! There is no track changes feature, but I've been able to freelance write for seven years without that. One good thing I noticed is the auto backup/recovery feature which saves open files every ten minutes. The amount of time can be adjusted from five minutes to an hour. If the power goes out or my computer has a hissy fit and shuts down, my documents are saved. So if you're a no-frills computer person like myself, Works will work for you.

Ayden, NC


Microsoft Works 8

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