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Medela SoftFit Breastshields

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The best thing that happened to me and my baby!


When I was pregnant I daydreamed about the moment my son would be born and I would immediately be able to breastfeed. I couldn't wait to have that bond with him. Unfortunately when my son was born I wasn't even able to hold him. He was born with holes in his lungs. I was able to kiss him and off he went to the NICU. The first two days of his life he had to feed through a tube in his nose. When I was finally able to breastfeed he couldn't latch on. The lactation nurse came to help and we had issues from the beginning. I was so disappointed but I continued to pump so my milk would not dry up. One night while in the NICU my son's nurse came to me and asked if I had thought to use Medela's breast shield. I had never heard of it but we tried and from there on I was able to breastfeed my son. It wasn't the traditional method but it worked and I was happy with that. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to breastfeed but is having a hard time. Do not allow discouragement or disappointment to get in the way of your dreams.



Medela SoftFit Breastshields

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