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Maytag Oven MEW5630DDS

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I have the Magtag Gemini gas stoveand oven


I really like my Maytag Gemini gas stove and oven.It cooks even and fast.The only thing I really don't like about it is the top oven will cook the food from the bottom and burn the bottom of the food,so now when I am going to bake in the top oven I just put a 2 inch aluimium pan under the dish to bake the food.Other than that it is great.

Taylorsville, NC


The Maytag oven is ok, but not great


The Maytag smoot top oven is a pretty good ovan that I have had no real problems with as of yet. The oven heats up quickly and I've have no real problems with it not keeping the correct settings. The smooth top surface is easy to keep clean and give me a fairly good amount of cooking space to work with. The oven itself is plenty large enough for my family of four and the self cleaning is nice. The storage drawer underneath is kind of on the small side, but is better then nothing. The only real complaint I have is that some of the white platic trim has started to flake off and I'm left with seeing the gray metal. Overall its a pretty good oven and other then the small flakes I would probably recommend this oven to someone else.

Corydon, IN


Maytag Oven MEW5630DDS

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