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GE PK916 Electric Single Oven

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Best choice we could make given the selection


We're not disappointed in this oven, but wish we had been able to get one with more whistles and bangs and not just buttons on the front. We were limited by our budget, walls pace, and selection in our local stores. It works fine, but we had to almost read an entire book just to learn how to use all the button choices on the front. Even after weeks of use, we have to refer back to the book quite often to remember how to do something. I think a streamlined programming front would have been nicer. Capacity Its not the biggest one you can get, but if you're stuck with a limited space, then this is more than adequate. It will NOT fit a turkey much bigger than 20-22#s AND you have to make sure the pot the turkey will go in will fit, too (ours didn't so we borrowed one). But other than when you're doing a turkey, it's been more than adequate. Performance It works better than the one we replaced, so we're happy. Ease of Cleaning No better or worse than any oven we've ever had. Ease of Use Hard to learn all the programming buttons.



This oven makes me look like I can bake.


We have had this GE Profile single electric built-in oven for over a year and, finally, my family is beginning to think I can actually cook and bake. This is because this oven is very consistent in its heating -- different corners of the oven interior maintain steady temperatures, so breads, cakes and pies bake evenly. Recipes that I've been trying to master for years are suddenly starting to come out good, especially cookies. I haven't burned the bottoms of my cookies even one time with this oven! This oven has Convection Bake and Convection Roast settings as well as traditional bake, broil etc., and if you are willing to learn how, you can set it to auto-select the appropriate Convection Bake temperature to apply to a conventional recipe. Even though we bought this oven in part because it had convection features, I don't actually use the convection settings at all. I'm so pleased with the results I get with traditional baking and broiling that now I don't feel the need to adjust my cooking methods whatsoever. I gave this oven only 4 stars because I am having difficulty cleaning the door glass, and because it seems to take a great long time to preheat (or maybe it just feels like a long time, because you can see the temperature going up degree by degree on the display). Still, I heartily recommend it and would buy it again in an instant.  

Belchertown, MA


The GE PK916 is an excellent home oven suited for many uses!


This is the oven I purchased and installed into my new home about a year ago. There are very few flaws with the device, and in fact so many features that I have yet to use them all! Make sure you read your instruction manual throughly when you install so you know what baking settings to use. My favorite feature of the GE PK916 is the convection oven. The convection action blows and pushes hot air all around the interior of the oven, making cooking items such as frozen pizza take as little as half the normal time! This also makes for excellent cookies, since the entire rack of dough will recieve equal treatment in this oven. The touch controls are sensitive and never require a second push - a plus in a modern home oven. 5 stars!

Sanger, CA


GE electric oven makes baking easier


I cant imagine a life without oven specially with two kids and hubby with sweet tooth. This oven has baked most of my cakes and cookies to perfection. I have never had cakes with uncooked middle layer ever while using this oven. The cookies come out great and munchy. I have even baked homemade pizzas in this oven and every time the results are just fabulous, there is nothing like tasty homomade cooking. I have had lot of experiments like baking my own bread which did fail as the recepie was not that reliable. But enchiladas came out great. I have had couple of burnt cookies episodes but now i know i have to bake them at low for lesser time. Cleaning this oven is easy , i always use easy off to clean surfaces like these.

Flushing, NY


GE PK916 Electric Single Oven

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