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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Poppy Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen Spf 15

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The best summer accessory


So often when using sunscreen I totally forget about my lips and end up with dry chafed ones after a day by the pool or at the beach. I was gifted some of this tinted lip balm from my best friend who absolutely swears by it. After using it on a day trip to the waterfront I can totally see why. First of all I love the little touch of color this lip balm adds. Lipstick in summer always feels heavy and gross but this balm gives my lips moisture and a nice hint of color that helps me feel pretty even on the hottest day. I love that it has a 15 SPF because it makes me feel like I'm really protecting my skin. There is literally nothing worse than a lip sunburn and this keeps that from happening. It's a really easy thing to slip into your purse or bag to give yourself a little extra protection in summer. I highly recommend this product to any woman who wants sun protection while still looking pretty.



Mary Kay Poppy Tinted Lip Balm is amazing!


I love this lip balm! The poppy color is awesome, I love how it gives my lips a red tint without looking too flashy. It's the first red shade lip color that I feel comfortable wearing during the daytime.  This lip balm goes on very easily and the color is there in just one coat. I top it off with chapstick to make my lips feel extra moisturized, and I also feel that helps lock in the color. It doesn't wear off in several hours, and it doesn't smudge when you eat or drink. Also, it doesn't feel sticky (a major pet peeve of mine), it barely feels like it's there at all. I like the fact that it has SPF, it's the only lip balm I've seen that has it. Sometimes I feel that my lips get cracked when I'm out in the sun too long, so hopefully this lip balm will keep it from happening when I'm walking around outside. I strongly recommend this lip balm. I received a sample of the product, so I'm not sure what the price is, but I'd definitely buy at least one shade even if it were a bit pricey.

Tallahassee, FL


I love how moist it keeps your lips and it protects from the sun


I love this product! It keeps your lips moist all day and its not as concentrated as a lipstick but if I want the color to pop I put a lipgloss on with it and its fabulous. I absolutely love that it protects the lips from the sun which helps keep the lips from peeling. You should try it, its great!

Saint Ann, MO


Mary Kay Poppy Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen Spf 15

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