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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Pink Beaded Lipstick Case W/ Mirror

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Adorable Lipstick Holder!


I love my pink beaded lipstick holder! Because of its bright color and texture, it makes it incredibly easy to find my lipstick in my purse. This holder will hold any Mary Kay lipstick, liquid lip color, or lip gloss. It will not hold the Mary Kay lip nectars (a limited edition product released a year or two ago) or the current tinted lip balm. It will hold lipsticks other than Mary Kay brand, though due to the interior design, I was unable to fit a squared lipstick tube inside of it. Unlike the previous reviewer, I DO touch up my lipstick on the go when I'm not always near a big mirror. Sure, I could apply lipstick or lip gloss without one, but it's nice to have one handy. I actually do use that little mirror. Sure, this item is not an absolute necessity, but I really enjoy having it. It makes me smile when I see it in my purse and I've had a lot of people compliment it and ask me where I got it. This was a limited edition item from a while back, so you won't be able to buy this from the Mary Kay lady and will have to keep your eye out for it on Ebay.

Monticello, GA


Why would anyone use this silly lipstick case with a mirror?


I do like to look nice, but really ladies this is just a silly product.  I was given this Lipstick case from a friend and my guess is that it is a "white elephant" present that just keeps going around.  I gave it to my 7 year old to likes to play house with it.  There really isnt' any time that I will use it.  When I have lipstick to put on I am at my house or in a bathroom and my both have mirrors.  The beads are cute and we love the pink colors, but it is just a product the is a waste.  Get real Mary Kay why make this - how many ladies are going to carry this in their purse and add lipstick to there lips all day using that tiny mirror.  This is something every women can pass on.  I have no idea how much it costs, but use that money towards the lipstick or lipgloss instead.  To be really honest I have put lipgloss on lots of times without a mirror and guess what - I did just fine.  I think most ladies would do just fine too.

La Verkin, UT


Mary Kay Pink Beaded Lipstick Case W/ Mirror

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